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What is an ultrasonic nebuliser?

A nebuliser is a device that converts liquid into aerosol droplets suitable for inhalation. Ultrasonic mesh nebulisers nebulise liquids very fast and extremely quietly using ultrasonic sound waves in the conversion of liquid medicine into a vapour-like fine mist: this process is called ‘ultrasound atomisation’.

Ultrasonic Nebuliser

Why use an ultrasonic mesh nebuliser?

Ultrasonic nebulisers deliver extra fine and ultra small vapour/mist for effective absorption deep in the respiratory system, so are useful in the treatment of the upper and lower respiratory tract conditions (e.g. colds and asthma) and for the relief of other respiratory diseases.

Who can use an ultrasonic nebuliser?

A portable ultrasonic mesh nebuliser is effective and versatile and can be used at home and during travel; for adults and children. This model can be used with batteries (rechargeable or not) or with a cable to a USB outlet (needs at least 1 A).

How to use the Anahata mesh ultrasonic nebuliser with colloidal silver

How to use your nebuliser

Carefully measure the colloidal silver exactly as you have been instructed. Use a clean measuring device or the maximum fill line in the nebuliser cup. If you overfill the cup, the nebuliser may not produce a mist.
Sit up straight on a comfortable chair. Relax and get comfortable.

Remove the cap from the nebulising end of the nebuliser and attach a mask or mouthpiece. If you are using a mask, attach it to the nebuliser with the clear spacer. Or attach the mouthpiece directly to the nebuliser. It is important to keep the nebuliser upright when in use, to prevent spillage and ensure best nebulising.

If you are using a mouthpiece, place it between your teeth and seal your lips around it. Take slow, deep breaths through your mouth. If you are using a mask for sinus problems, breathe in through your nose, if possible. Hold each breath for two to three seconds before breathing out – this allows the colloidal silver to settle into the airways.

Proper breathing is an excellent step toward successful nebuliser use. Breathing in slowly allows the colloidal silver to coat the lungs with enough left over to travel into the deeper reaches of the lungs. For the treatment to be as successful as possible, it is important that the fine mist reach the actual location of the infection. Breathing from the diaphragm allows you to both completely fill and completely empty the lungs. You may not get instant relief, so it is a good idea to use your nebuliser a few times throughout the day.

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