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We all know that vitamin C is good for your health, acts as an anti-oxidant and can be used regularly to strengthen your immune system. But you may not realise that those vitamin C tablets (fizzy or not) are only 7-8% absorbed by your body, so your actual dosage of vitamin C is much lower than it says on the box. This means that for every 1000mg of vitamin C you take, only 70-80mg is absorbed, and your body’s vitamin C levels stay relatively low.

So how can you absorb more vitamin C safely? Liposomal vitamin C is the way – it is more ‘bio-available’! Liposomal vitamin C is vitamin C that has been encapsulated into minute globules, with an outer layer of fat and an inner core of water soluble vitamin C. The ‘fat’ layer is a phospholipid, the same type of fat that is found in our body’s cell membranes, so it is naturally delivering the vitamin C directly into your cells. The strength of vitamin C is not diminished by oxidation en route to your cells as liposomal vitamin C is encapsulated, so is not broken down by your digestive process. So it is a safe and effective way to absorb vitamin C, to give you that strong immune boost you are hoping for.

There are many clinical studies on the use of intravenous vitamin C to help with respiratory diseases, infections and cancer (see links below). However, unless under medical supervision, this is not an option. Liposomal vitamin C bridges the gap between traditional vitamin C tablets and intravenous vitamin C, as it ensures immediate and full delivery of vitamin C to your cells.

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370ml jar, providing 71 doses of 1g of liposomal vitamin C each: £25
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