About Us

Our mission

It is our intention, coming from the heart, to provide you with high quality health alternatives – from a safe, peaceful, loving space where healing may unfold. 

We offer a wide range of holistic, affordable therapies to help you be the best version of yourself: physically, emotionally and spiritually.

We seek to enable the enjoyment of healthier and richer lives for our community of clients and ourselves - by acting with honesty and integrity, and giving the correct value to the work we do and the services we offer. 

We offer competitively priced treatments for those that can afford them, and low-cost (but no less effective) therapies for those who can’t. No one should be priced out of the care they need.

Friendly, laid back clinic...

"Friendly, laid back clinic offering a wide range of quality low cost treatments. I have been to four or five different practitioners there and they have all been great, and affordable."

R. C. 

Empowered wellness

We believe that wellbeing/wellness can only come about through self-empowerment. Instead of thinking of health as something that somebody else does to you, it is about learning how to look after your own health, and maintain your own wellbeing.

It is only by taking responsibility for yourself that you can regain and maintain your health. To this end, we offer you many health alternatives in an integrated context – we want to help you to be radiantly healthy.

We aim to empower our local community and you, to take charge of your health by giving you access to a wide range of treatments for body and mind. We can tailor your wellness plan to your individual requirements, ensuring you have all the support you need to live the richest and most vibrant life possible.

We are proud of the service we provide to the community and of the values behind Anahata, as well as the amazing high-quality therapies we offer.

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Our team

Deborah Woolf, co-founder

Deborah is an acupuncturist plus a scholar of ancient Chinese lore. While being a rather modest lady herself, her achievements in her field are prodigious. She's a senior lecturer to undergraduates studying acupuncture and has taught hundreds of students over the past 20 years, most of whom give her wildly enthusiastic reviews on her talks and workshops.

Recently, she became a popular speaker in a wider arena, internationally and on podcasts. She translates classical Chinese texts, and is pursuing a PhD in the History of Chinese Medicine. At no point in her voracious hunger to deepen her understanding has she not had a full waiting list of eager patients desperate for her ministrations. 

She's a great believer in lifelong learning and runs AcupunctureCPD which offers courses from Anahata for post-graduate acupuncture practitioners, students and other healthcare practitioners. 

Deborah brings her ever refreshed understanding to her practice with meticulous rigour (God help the acupuncturist who doesn’t know their points), a smile and a penchant for expletives. Well, no one’s perfect!

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Deborah Woolf

Philip Tucker, co-founder

Philip has been involved in designing and manufacturing health products for 30 years and loves the vision of Anahata as a buffet of well-skilled, fully-credentialed health experts doing their best for our clients.

His two sisters are a yoga teacher and an osteopath and he shares their desire to help manifest health in practical, physical ways. Philip’s company, which he ran for 12 years, was dedicated to developing many new kinds of health products.

Philip loves to find new ways to help people regain the freedom of a healthy body and mind.

Phil Tucker

Emmeline, Clinic Manager 

Emmeline comes to Anahata with an open heart, and an organised brain. She's really excited to be joining the team and helping to contribute to the warm, welcoming environment for which Anahata is known. 

She is a Knitted Textiles graduate and love crafts for their wonderful combination of creativity and practicality - she thinks of knitting, sewing and spinning as a form of meditation (and of deep frustration!). Yoga, sunshine and wild swimming give her the feeling of being 'home'. 

She is a trustee for the charity Robyn's Tiny Angel Gowns and wants to help normalise the conversation around baby loss. 

She tries to instil in her young daughter her own love of the sea, cycling, house plants, botch-it DIY and the occasional joys of howling at the moon.

Our receptionists are here to make sure that your visit to Anahata is calm and enjoyable and that you feel comfortable and welcome in our wonderful safe haven for all who look for treatment.  

Imke, receptionist

Imke has had a passion for natural living and healing since age 10! She has focused on nutrition, herbalism, meditation; she loves living mindfully with all things, beings, plants - rescuing birds, insects, flowers regularly; is a lover of poetry and photography, Recently she has found an interest in astrology, and is always keen to learn more in the world of naturopathy.

Originally from the German seaside, she lived in London for many years, and came to Brighton/Hove a decade ago for a slower life.

She loves the warmth she feels therapists and clients are bringing to Anahata alike.

Natasha, receptionist 

Natasha is one of our part time receptionists. She is also an actress and ceremonial singer. 

Having been on her own healing journey, she recognises the importance of affordable alternative therapies and believes everyone has the right to be supported in their healing.  She is currently studying the womb mysteries and is fascinated by the connection between womb and voice. In her spare time you can find her practicing her harmonium or enjoying a local kirtan event.

She's delighted to join the friendly Anahata team and be part of a like-minded community. She looks forward to meeting you at Anahata.

Cheyenne, receptionist

Cheyenne is one of our part time receptionists. She is deeply passionate about holistic healing and living consciously, finding her joy in the serenity of nature. She loves reading and continuous learning, and her creative side comes to life through crafting geometric and crystal healing jewelry, as well as creating natural organic botanical hair and face oils. She loves the art of cooking organic wholefoods from scratch, savoring the process of creating delicious meals with fresh, wholesome ingredients and teaching her daughter how to prepare food mindfully and with love.

Through dealing with multiple chronic pain illnesses, she discovered the power of holistic treatments, so it is incredibly rewarding for her to be at Anahata, assisting and seeing others on their path to relief. In her downtime, you'll find her enjoying the calming practice of chanting mantras, engaging in breath work and meditation. She is also a regular at the gym, understanding the importance of maintaining both physical and mental well-being.

Why 'Anahata'?

When we first opened the clinic, the Yellow Pages still existed, so of course it had to start with an 'A' to get seen first! 

We threw a few ideas around but none of them felt right. I already knew I wanted the brand colours to be red and yellow, because these are important Chinese colours and I'm interested in all things Chinese (hence being an acupuncturist). I’d been thinking about other types of healing, and about the interchange between acupuncture and yoga. 

There are two chakras that begin with an 'A', but Ajna – the third eye – felt a little too ‘out there’. Then I realised that Anahata is the heart chakra and is right in the middle – the 3 chakras below are to do with the body and the 3 above are to do with the spirit.

So, the heart chakra is the bridge between the body and the rest of the human complex – perfect! And that’s why our clinic is called Anahata – we integrate the health of the body, mind and spirit.

A great high quality team & friendly relaxed vibe...

"Have been going to Anahata for acupuncture and massage for years. I've also enjoyed Shiatsu, Reiki and kinesiology. They have a great high quality team and a friendly relaxed vibe."

Karma K.