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Rock Dust, Anahata Brighton

Rock Dust is a fantastic way to re-mineralise your soil: by improving the natural capacity of soils to absorb atmospheric carbon and producing vigorous, mineral-rich vegetation. It is the simplest way forward for sustainable agriculture. Soil Remineralisation has been shown in scientific studies to increase yields as much as two to four times for agriculture and forestry (wood volume), and to have immediate results and long term effects with a single application. You can grow very tasty vegetables or just rejuvenate your pot plants with this soil mineral compound.

How much do I need?

For your pot plants: put a few sprinkles of Rock Dust in the watering can. For your vegetable plot or garden: one 20kg bag covers 9 square metres and works for 5 years.


  • Small bag (450g): £4 (only available to be picked up from Anahata)
  • Large bag (20kg): £15 (only available to be picked up from Anahata)

For further information phone Anahata on 01273 698687.