Infrared Sauna

The hot solution for body pollution

In recent years we've come to realise that our environment, in a modern industrial country, is full of toxic dangers. From the mercury put in our mouths by well meaning dentists, to the lead in the solder used for our water pipes (applied by well meaning plumbers), we are surrounded by toxins. 

Strangely, whilst the plumbers are no longer permitted to use solder containing lead, dentists are still permitted to put mercury directly in our mouths. Household products are surprisingly full of nasty chemicals: watch out for bleaches, shampoos and cleaning products of dubious origins. Fluoride toothpaste is a particular pet hate of mine: the barefaced deception that toxic waste (fluoride) is good for us brings me out in a cold sweat of fury. In the past 50 years an estimated 5 million new chemicals have been created by man, of which 75,000 are in regular everyday use; less than 10% of these have any toxicity testing. The most worrying aspect of all is the fact that many of these toxic chemicals accumulate in our bodies rather than being flushed out, and some of them can be implicated in some truly nasty chronic problems.

Infrared Sauna, Anahata Brighton

Thank goodness someone has, at long last, come up with a genuinely pleasant way of reducing the toxic load on our bodies, without supplements or tubes entering where the sun doesn’t shine.

So, what is this latest craze to hit the worried well in America? It is called a Far Infrared (FIR) Sauna. It has many of the same features you find in an ordinary sauna: you sit on a wooden bench in a pine clad cabin; yet the quality of the heat is different. It feels deeply warming, without that immediate feeling that “if I breathe in, my lungs will catch fire” that I feel in ordinary dry saunas. Throughout the session the experience was more like being hugged than roasted, yet I sweated with extraordinary profusion. 

After my Far Infrared Saunas I've always felt deeply cleansed: perhaps because the sweat from my sauna carries 7 times more heavy metals than my ordinary exercise-induced sweat. My skin feels different as well, and in the mirror I look younger: wrinkles seem to have unwrinkled themselves… this seems too good to be true! 

Japanese research has found that Far Infrared Saunas have helped a huge variety of conditions including: asthma, bronchitis, rheumatoid arthritis, Crohn’s disease, cystitis, menopause, pain, post surgical adhesions, endometriosis, muscle tension, eczema, psoriasis, acne, and many other conditions. It has even been in the national press recently, to clear the toxins from breastmilk.

Infrared Sauna, Anahata Brighton
Infrared Sauna, Anahata Brighton


Please bring change to use our chlorine-free shower (4 mins for 20p; 20 mins for £1) to wash away your toxicity! It's best not to use soap in the shower and not to apply oils or lotions after the shower. Use a loofah or skin brush for more efficient cleaning and let your body enjoy the benefits of clean, unclogged pores.

Infrared Sauna - 30 mins

  • Infrared Sauna 30 mins (single session) - BYO towels: £15
  • Infrared Sauna 3 x 30 mins (valid for 1 year) - BYO towels: £35
  • Infrared Sauna 6 x 30 mins (valid for 1 year) - BYO towels: £55

If you're a BeWell member you can enjoy even cheaper 30 mins Infrared Saunas!

  • Infrared Sauna 3 x 30 mins (valid for 1 year) - BYO towels: £25
  • Infrared Sauna 6 x 30 mins (valid for 1 year) - BYO towels: £45

Infrared Sauna - 60 mins

  • Infrared Sauna 60 mins (single session) - BYO towels: £20
  • Infrared Sauna 3 x 60 mins (valid for 1 year) - BYO towels: £55
  • Infrared Sauna 6 x 60 mins (valid for 1 year) - BYO towels: £90

If you're a BeWell member you can enjoy even cheaper 60 mins Infrared Saunas!

  • Infrared Sauna 3 x 60 mins (valid for 1 year) - BYO towels: £45
  • Infrared Sauna 6 x 60 mins (valid for 1 year) - BYO towels: £75

Please bring change to use our chlorine-free shower (4 mins for 20p; 20 mins for £1) to wash away your toxicity!

Frequently Asked Questions

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Can I be naked in the sauna?

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I love the Infrared Sauna and I'd like to use it as often as I can. Do you have any discounts for regular users?


Here's a selection of comments from our Infrared Sauna users:

"The warming heat really helped the aches I came in with. Very helpful." — Debra

"I tore some muscle tissues in my calf and the saunas have really helped my muscles heal incredibly quickly.
I have loads of energy the day after the sauna and my skin feels really soft and clean. Highly recommended for any sports injuries. Also finding my suppleness returning (I am 52) and my aches and pains from past injuries are less severe. Thanks a lot."
— Judy

"Loved it - it is gentle, but powerful. It feels really clean and pleasant. I already feel clear and with more energy. I did sweat a lot! I will definitely do it again." — Erine V

"Truly excellent. Sweated profusely but so comfortably. No sweat!!" — M.G.

"I felt extremely relaxed and lighter after the sauna - I think I need this during the long dark winters to keep the blues at bay - Thanks." — Miranda

"First time I tried the sauna, I hardly sweated at all. This is my third time, and I sweated profusely! Really brilliant." — J.R.

"Being a regular sauna user at my gym I was intrigued by the advert I saw in a Brighton magazine. I find traditional saunas too hot at times. I took up the offer of sauna and massage as I was also suffering from stress at the time. I was also interested in the fact that it enabled the body to burn up to 800 kcal in an hour! I was surprised at how much I sweated without the discomfort of high temperatures. The combination of both sauna and massage work perfectly together as the sauna is very relaxing in itself. I would recommend this treatment to anyone suffering from stress and keen to rid their body of toxins." — Andrew S.

"Having had 6 far infra red saunas, i have felt very cleansed. A year ago I finished a lot of dental work and was drawn to the far infra red sauna to help my body to eliminate the injections from the dental treatment. My daughter, Eve, experienced a rash on her arms. Knowing that she has been using chemical hair dyes, I booked her in to use the far infra red sauna - the rash went almost immediately after the first session. Thanks." — Maria

"It was lush! I really enjoyed it, and I'm going to book another one, and tell everyone about it!! Thank you." — Lian L

"Absolutely loved the experience, can imagine myself becoming rather hooked! Very refreshing and cleansing." — Joe

"Really enjoyed it, after getting temperature up to 49 degrees, sweated nicely. My face looks less puffy, and my skin feels very smooth. I feel relaxed and rejuvenated."

"I used to have regular infrared sauna treatments, and had great results with my circulation. I'm starting to use it again, now I have found the Anahata Clinic, as I'm sure it will aid my healing path." — Christiana