Anahata Glass Thermos Flask

Anahata Glass Thermos Flask

This beautiful and very handy glass vacuum flask can be used for hot or cold drinks, and keeps them so for a long time. You can also use it for soup or stew, to keep it warm, as it has a wide opening.

You may be aware of the problem with plastic bottles and water: if the plastic gets warm, the plastic leaks oestrogen-like compounds into the water.

This has been suggested as a cause for low sperm count in men and breast cancer in women.

More info on toxic plastic bottles.

Anahata Handy Glass Flask

Our flasks are glass, so there is no leakage from the container into your drink. They contain more than 450ml of fluid, so plenty to rehydrate you, with your choice drink.

These are ubiquitous in China, but as yet unknown (and unseen) in the UK.

Anahata Glass Thermos Flask: £6
Postage: £4


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