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As we’ve been spending more and more time inside, and many of us have been struggling to maintain our usual physical and mental health routines, yoga has surged in popularity. It might not have been the way many of us thought about it until a global pandemic hit, but it turns out that yoga is the perfect activity for enforced isolation.

Yoga works perfectly during lockdown for several reasons. For one, you don’t need a large space in which to practice; whatever corner of bedroom or living space you can find will do just fine, as long as you can stretch your arms out around you. You also don’t need any equipment. You might want to get yourself a yoga mat, but a towel on the floor will do just as well. All you need to wear is comfortable clothes that allow you to move easily. You won’t be leaping up and down and annoying your downstairs neighbours or disturbing other people in your house who are trying to work, you can contain your practice in your own space. Moreover, and perhaps the main reason so many people have taken to yoga recently, is that you don’t need any particular skills, experience or fitness level to join in. Yoga is designed to be taken at your own pace and you can engage with each movement up to the level of your own ability, whatever that might be, and allow that to develop over time.

The benefit to taking up yoga in circumstances such as lockdown, and the current restrictions being ramped up around the country, is that yoga looks after both your body and mind. In times where our ability to get out and about is restricted, and we’re spending more time seated behind screens, yoga is an excellent way to stretch our muscles and keep our bodies supple. It can fit so easily into our day that it offers a good prompt to get away from the computer and take a break. During these highly uncertain and anxious times that drain our energy levels and sap our mental health, yoga also offers a much-needed respite of calm and focus. It helps us to tune into our deepest selves, be in the moment and take a break from worrying about the future. It helps us to find clarity and stability on days when those things are most lacking. It helps to boost our energy and lift our spirits.

Our Clinic Directors Deborah and Phil are just two of the many people around the world who have become regular yoga practitioners during lockdown and have experienced huge benefits from incorporating a more frequent practice into their lives. Deborah says, “I have found that 20 minutes of yoga a day has kept me sane and calm, and able to do whatever I needed to do that day.”

Since lockdown has been more needed than ever during lockdown, it’s wonderful that lockdown has also made yoga more accessible to many people. With yoga classes unable to run in person for some time, alternative solutions had to be found. Anahata made our yoga classes available via Zoom, and we are continuing to do so even though you can now also join in person. We want to enable as many people as possible to benefit from this valuable practice, whether you are staying home or not.

The best part is that, if you are a member of our BeWell club, all Zoom yoga classes are completely free! So if you’re already taking advantage of the range of therapies we offer, this is a great opportunity to incorporate regular physical and mental wellbeing activity into your routine for absolutely no extra cost. Even if you’re not a member, this is a fantastically low-cost way to give yoga a try in the privacy of your own home.

Or, if you’re keen to get out of the house and spend some time in a positive and energising community, come and join us at a class in person!

Find out more about the range of yoga classes that we offer, and book your first session today.