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We’re excited to have a new Qigong class at Anahata from January, but if you are new to the practice then you might be asking… what on earth is Qigong? Let us tell you all about it.

Qigong is an ancient Chinese system of coordinated body-posture and movement, breathing, and meditation. It has been described as a cross between yoga and tai chi, and it certainly shares similarities with these practices; however qigong is more physically intense and is considered to have more significant health benefits.

Qigong can be translated as “Vitality Practice”, and is designed to help you connect to the vital energy (Qi) that is both within you and outside you. “Vitality Practice” focuses on the body to increase vitality, rectify deficiencies, rejuvenate physical structures, and improve overall health and wellness.

Our classes at Anahata are known as “Vital Spirit Qigong”, which takes the practice a stage further to to cultivate your inner potential. It has been developed over millennia to benefit health, increase longevity and improve wellness by accessing one’s vitality (Qi), essence (Jing) and spirit (Shen). By combining several traditional styles which are adapted for our times, the aim is to increase your awareness of life energy (Qi) to heal, transform and awaken you.

These classes are led by Amadis of Inspirit Way. Amadis has been studying and teaching various types of Qigong since 1988. He has gained insights from 30-plus years practising Chinese Medicine and the study of Classical Chinese language and philosophy.

What to expect

Qigong sessions usually begin with shaking, opening and stretching to release tension so relax, soften and invigorate the body. Then a range of postures and movements follow combined with breathwork and mindfulness to activate the Qi. Some focus on physical structures, others on the energy flowing in the ‘channels of animation’ to help clear blocks, cleanse toxins and release stagnation. The subtle yet real perception of Qi is obtained through internal focussing unique to Qigong. Set sequences can develop into a free-flowing spontaneous style.

Spontaneous Qigong is a deep practice where you tune into the Qi and let it initiate your movements and sounds rather than your mind doing so. This is a liberating and often wonderful experience: trusting the life force and spirit to direct your impulses and movements. As your capacity for spontaneous Qigong increases, it becomes a pure expression of energy and spirit flowing through you. This gradually instils an attitude of living as a free and easy wanderer, with ‘effortless effort’ – Wu Wei.

There is a great variety of Internal Alchemy practices, consisting of meditation, visualisation and inner attunement practices. Your essential spirituality becomes more apparent. An inner unity, harmony and tranquility is induced as you anchor spirit in your heart. A range of internal meditative practices focus on your Dan Tien, Radiant Spirit, Heart Spirit, Vital Essence, the Centre, the Origin. These gradually lead to experiencing a oneness with all life. This is to follow the Natural Way (Dao).

If you would like to come and explore the practice of Qigong, join us on the second and fourth Wednesday of every month from 7pm to 9pm. To book, call 01273 698687.