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At Anahata, we believe that everyone should have access to the support they need to live their best life. That’s why we offer low-cost treatments for those that need them, without compromising on quality.

There has been a huge growth in recent years in understanding of the value of alternative therapies and how taking a holistic view of your health can vastly improve your wellbeing. But with that has come a large industry dedicated to maximising profits. Whilst of course we want to see skilled practitioners earning a fair wage for what they do, we don’t want to see people in need priced out of much-needed treatment.

We set up Anahata because we thought there had to be a way to do both.

We saw that the people who were most in need of treatment were often the people who weren’t able to afford it. If you have a long-term health condition, you are more likely to be unable to work or have a reduced income. You may have worries about how you will pay your rent or buy food, and investing in the therapy you need to get back to your full self, and potentially more able to earn, will have to be put far down the priority list or may become impossible altogether.

The solution we came up with was this: full-price treatments for those who could afford it, in order to ensure the therapists who practice here earn a fair wage, combined with low-cost treatments for those facing financial difficulties. Our experienced practitioners kindly offer their services at a reduced rate to ensure that no one in our community is priced out of therapy.

There’s also no doubt that even when you earn a good wage, life is pretty expensive and sometimes your wellbeing can seem like an indulgence even when it is an absolute necessity. Your health is a long-term commitment, and we don’t want you to begin a therapy one week only to have to abandon it a month or two later when an extra expense crops up. So we keep our full-price treatments at extremely competitive rates to enable everyone to invest in their health and stay healthy.

It is incredibly important to us that “affordable” shouldn’t be seen as a synonym for cheap or low-quality. Our mission is to enable everyone to access the treatment they need, that will truly benefit their lives. That’s why we only work with experienced therapists who we are confident will offer an excellent service.

If you’re one of our full-price clients, we want to thank you for investing in us so that we can invest in others.

You can learn more about our range of therapies here, and if you’d like to discuss pricing options then give us a call on 01273 698 687.