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Tessa Hodsdon BA (Hons) Lic Ac, BAcC, PGDip

I trained at the International College of Oriental Medicine, and the Northern College of Acupuncture in York. I am a fully qualified Acupuncturist and a fully certified member of the British Acupuncture Council.

I have an extensive background in working therapeutically. I began formal training in a range of different approaches including techniques such as shiatsu, various kinds of massage and remedial body work. My hands-on approach is influenced by training in osteopathic and myofascial techniques, and I have trained with a range of senior practitioners including Leon Chaitow and Tom Myers.

My work is integrative and holistic in approach. I gained professional qualification in Psychodynamic Counselling at postgraduate level.

I have a commitment to ongoing professional development and my therapeutic training includes a number of approaches (breath work, polyvagal theory, trauma work, pain management etc) which help to inform my practice. I understand that physical issues can have a profound psychological impact, and that it can be important to have conversations to explore the right approach for you. I have worked with referral networks throughout my professional life, and enjoy linking individuals with the practitioner who might be best able to assist at each stage of experience.

I have worked therapeutically in the voluntary sector for a number of organisations, and for the NHS and privately, most recently as a Health and Well Being Coach. This allows me to have a useful overview of what it means to manage one’s health using both biomedicine and more holistic approaches including those from Traditional East Asian Medicine.

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Most of my thanks go to my therapist Tessa Hodsdon whose professionalism and very deep knowledge of eastern medicine combined with gentle manipulation techniques saved me in multiple occasions. I have been recommend by a fellow chef who like me, suffered with extreme exhaustion. My job is very physical working long hours and in very stressful pace. Tessa’s gentle approach, never intrusive and always precise helped my body to recover from injuries and strained joints. Her acupuncture and massages solved chronic issues that my GP and physiotherapist couldn’t. But also she explained to me all my body reactions to the physical and  mental stress and through the acupuncture and breathing exercises I managed to find relief and strength. She is absolutely amazing and I never met anyone like Tessa professionally and humanly speaking. If you struggle with your body and want to know how improve your way to taking care of it I cannot recommend Anahata and Tessa enough.” E.O.

I was referred to Tessa by a close friend after having struggled with the discomfort and inconvenience of living with late stage Freiberg’s infraction for the best part of three years. I had been diagnosed with Freiberg’s disease over the first year of lockdown following a sports related injury and had struggled to receive a proper medical assessment for a long time after impact as a result of the covid pandemic. As my condition had not been addressed early on and no identifiable fracture was picked up by the X-rays, I resumed physical activity once the pain and swelling had subsided enough for me to assume that the worst was over. I began to notice an extreme decrease in the mobility of my foot around the point of impact alongside an increase in swelling despite the acute pain having eased over a matter of months. By the time I was able to have my foot reassessed and was given a proper diagnosis, the right side of my left foot was stiff and a large callous had formed around the damaged joint, impairing my grip and balance. I was told that if my symptoms didn’t subside with the use of orthotic insoles I would have to have surgery on my foot. Within a 12-week period, Tessa has completely transformed and subverted my expectations of the outcome of my recovery. After two acupuncture sessions the increase in circulation to the effected joint was distinct and in less than a month my foot was relatively pain free. The callous and swelling around my second toe has almost completely dispersed and while some residual stiffness is to be anticipated with Freiberg’s disease (with or without surgery), the flexibility of my second toe and overall mobility of my foot feels comparatively miraculous. I experience very little discomfort engaging in physical activity and my balance is back to normal now that weight-bearing is comfortable again. I had a follow-up hospital appointment to conclude my treatment and the specialist was blown away by my recovery. Tessa is a true
privilege to work with and I would look forward to chewing over any health related queries throughout our sessions due to her dazzling wealth of insight into our physiology and beyond.” Z.N.

I have been fortunate to receive treatments from Tessa over quite a long period of time. During that time, I have come to respect her knowledge, gentle touch, and empathy. She has a calm and measured approach which assists in her assessment and identification of the cause of any pain or problem. I have found that her breadth of experience has meant she has been able to relieve pain and tension in my back, shoulder and hands.”

Tessa has treated me for hip problems, originally identified at birth. This imbalance has caused pain in my back, legs, knees, and plantar fasciitis in my feet. Following treatment I noticed marked improvements.
Tessa has also treated my neck and shoulders, as I tend to hold on to stress there. I was a little sceptical about the potential benefits of acupuncture and rehabilitative massage until I met Tessa. Her calm and empathetic approach to identifying the root cause of problems has resulted in pain relief and improved movement in different areas and has assisted in my understanding of how to manage my health.
She has also treated me for pains in my knees, my neck and ears, particularly after I had received treatment for a schwannoma behind my ear. I have had strong reactions to medication in the past and Tessa has been able to help and advise me on possible solutions, including assisting in planning and consideration of further discussion with my consultant and GP.
I appreciate her willingness to discuss different approaches. Her recommendations regarding lifestyle, diet and ongoing therapies have made an enormous difference to my ability to live an active life.” David T.

Tessa offers: