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Sacha offers:

I am an experienced yoga teacher of over 30 years in Sivananda Hatha yoga. I am a practicing SGI Buddhist which has set me on a path to cultivate a life devoted to creating happiness and lasting peace within my community and society. The combined experience of my yoga teaching and Buddhist practice informs my massage treatments, allowing me to work in a more intuitive way to allow healing to take place.

In 2010 I experienced severe back problems which prevented me from practicing and teaching yoga. I came across Thai Yoga massage which provided me with such relief and long term benefits that I decided to train as a practitioner.

Thai Yoga massage uses an energy line system—the Ten Sen—through which the body’s natural life force flows. Blockages in this life force cause aches, pains and disease. This massage also includes gentle stretching and applied Hatha Yoga, to release blocked energy and free the body’s healing potential, restoring balance and harmony.

I thoroughly enjoy the energetic exchange of Thai Yoga massage and its philosophy of understanding the connections between the body, mind and spirit and their interaction to support healing. I also enjoy the flexibility of using elbows, feet, knees and body weight to work deeply within your specific body and needs.

Having had a Buddhist practice for over 20 years, it is integral for me to work with helping individuals to find their own health and happiness. Both my yoga and Buddhist practice inform my massage, allowing me to work in a meditative and intuitive way, which is in line with Thai Yoga Massage philosophy.

This year I became visually impaired, and this has deepened my massage practice as I now “see” with my other senses.


I saw Sacha once and her treatment brought me huge relief from my sciatic pain allowing me to go on holiday confidently the day after my treatment with her. Amazing!” Dave, Brighton

Sacha offers: