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Sabine Humphreys-Weinz

Originally from Berlin in Germany, I lived in London and worked in the corporate world as a PA/Translator for 15 years before I moved to Brighton where I started my kinesiology training in 2006, eventually graduating with a diploma in Systematic Kinesiology in 2012.

I first came across Kinesiology about 30 years ago when after only a few sessions with a kinesiologist, taking some supplements and making lifestyle changes, a skin problem I had suffered from for nearly a decade began to clear up and had fully gone within a few months. The fascination with what can be achieved with kinesiology has stayed with me ever since and provides me with great enthusiasm for my sessions.

Apart from kinesiology, I have also been practising Reiki and different healing and massage techniques as well as trained in homeopathy, reflexology, anatomy and nutrition.

I’ve always had an interest in meditation, healing, healthy living and personal growth and have on my path to better well-being encountered a lot of different therapeutic approaches and philosophies.

Everything I have learned has served me well by effortlessly flowing into my sessions. One could say that my sessions have become much more comprehensive over the years.

What is kinesiology?

Kinesiology for me means talking to the body in its own language as with muscle testing the active mind can by-passed. “The body never lies and knows what is best”, it will tell the practitioner exactly what is required at any given me and needs to be dealt with first. The practitioner offers a variety of balancing techniques, all of them very gentle, relaxing and effective, and the body communicates with its response to the muscle test which one it prefers, or which herb or supplement.

Muscle testing will also reveal imbalances in the body’s energy circuits (acupuncture meridians) which are then corrected by stimulating or just holding certain points or working with meridian energies.
Excess energy in meridians will be dissipated, undersupplied meridians replenished so that the body’s innate healing powers can function efficiently and often an instant uplift can be felt.

Muscle testing can be used to detect food sensitivities, body memory from old injuries or surgery can be released. Goal balances will help you achieve what you want in your life or turn problems into solutions by releasing problem related stress stored in the body. Once the blockages are removed, the body mind system can work unhindered towards achieving your goal. Should the source of a problem be emotional, some gentle emotional release may be appropriate whereas if the source is on a biochemical level, some supplements or flower essences may be beneficial.

What to expect in a session

In a first consultation I will take your case history and do a general health screen using muscle testing while you are comfortably laying on a treatment couch, fully clothed.

All sessions will be tailored around your specific needs, and we will discuss together the course of the treatment focusing on the areas you want to address. This could be anything from food sensitivity testing to emotional or muscular release, improved confidence, specific health issues or just feeling “under par”.

The treatment of imbalances will range from the use of supplements, herbs, flower essences to structural or emotional release or vibrational healing.

And there is so much more to kinesiology. Words do not do it justice – best to come and try it out for yourself.

Most people experience an improvement even after the first session, usually a set of three treatments will move you on considerably. Whichever way, you are sure to embark on a new, often life-changing journey, even after only one session.

You are most welcome to bring along your own supplements/ cosmetics for testing to double check they are the right ones for you!

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First session, 90 mins at £75
Follow on session £60 mins at £60

Low cost for BeWell members:
First session, 90 mins at £50
Follow on session 60 mins at £35

To book a session with Sabine, please contact Anahata on 01273 698687.

Sabine offers: