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Rowan offers:

My route to IEMT has been long, and fuelled by a need to help my own situation. During the course of 19 years of counselling which did help me to feel supported, I would often intellectualise and unconsciously avoid  core issues. In retrospect I feel this process served merely to help me accept my suffering, without much actually changing. I followed a disciplined practice of yoga and dietary care for around 7 years which helped me manage my day-to-day life, and allowed me to be more focused and calm.
This highlighted how a daily practice of something that took effort, was more beneficial to me than the therapies I had previously tried.

I continued my journey and learnt Hypnotherapy, which I enjoyed but after 4 years of receiving it myself, through swaps with other students and self- hypnosis, I did not notice any significant changes, other than feeling momentarily more relaxed during and after sessions for a while. Even after completing two excellent training courses in Hypnotherapy, I did not feel confident in ensuring consistent results.

I then had 8 sessions of EMDR which resulted in important insights into how and why certain states and behaviours had formed, again I did not notice any major changes. I was drawn to eye movement therapies and discovered IEMT. This modality views trauma and the self through a different perspective, dispelling many of the myths I had personally built up around other therapies and what they can and cannot achieve.

The founder of IEMT, Andrew Austin worked as a psychiatric nurse, in Accident and Emergency, for the Ministry of Defence and in brain surgery, prior to becoming an NLP master and a highly proficient hypnotherapist. After a few years of practicing NLP and hypnotherapy, he performed long term follow ups on his previous clients and discovered that whilst the clients had enjoyed their sessions, there were not many long term changes. Through his insights, Andrew developed IEMT with a focus on long term change after therapy.

In my experience, since training in and undergoing IEMT, along with my own experiences of IEMT, I finally feel I can practice a discipline which provides consistent results, as well as being realistic about what it can and cannot achieve. I would like to be clear to anyone interested in change that feelings are not the be all and end all, and that any inner work that does not require much effort on the part of the client rarely results in lasting change. However, patterns of reactive behaviour and new perspectives and perceptions are likely to change for the better.


Full fee:
– first session (includes full consultation) 90 mins at £65;
– follow ups 60 mins at £45.
Find out ‘how you learnt to be that way’ and do something about it with IEMT effective change work.
IEMT Bundle: four 60 mins sessions for £160.
Stop smoking process (in person hypnosis plus some home recordings) £125

Low cost for BeWell members:
– first session (includes full consultation) 90 mins at £45;
– follow ups 60 mins at £30.


Rowan is so skilled in his craft. In the few sessions I’ve had, I’ve had some big breakthroughs. Rowan is highly intuitive and has a keen sense of where to navigate the session. The healing is entirely my own, but Rowan is pulling all the right levers to get me to trust my intuition and make profound shifts.” Greg

Rowan is a really lovely man who is passionate about the power of IEMT. He takes care to put you at your ease and explain the process in detail. I found it really exciting to notice my brain remembering and clearing past trauma. After just one session I feel really calm.” Kate H

I received several sessions with Rowan Hasson and found them incredibly helpful. I have and do recommend Rowan to all.” Rebecca S

Rowan offers: