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Pete offers:

Sit back…! Kick back…! And relax!


Reflexology works on the principle of there being reflex points on the feet that correspond to all the systems, organs, tissues and structures of the body. By stimulating these reflex points with special pressure techniques, the effects of stress and tension can be reduced, nerve impulses unblocked, and the body back brought back into balance. It induces deep relaxation and gives an improved sense of well being.

Chair Massage

Chair Massage helps you feel so much better in yourself. It helps release tension from the head, neck and shoulders, back and arms. This greatly relaxes you and leaves you ready to deal with the day with renewed vigour. Complaints like repetitive strain and headaches can also be alleviated.

About Me

As a former acrobat and gymnast I have been used to injuries, and employed sports massage and reflexology to help deal with them. As a professional actor for over 30 years I have also been aware of the benefits of massage and reflexology amongst performers in managing the stress levels associated with performing.

I began my journey into Reflexology and Massage when a friend of mine was losing her life to cancer in a hospice in London. I used to visit her and she would ask me to massage her feet, which gave her great pleasure and relief.

After this friend died, a mutual friend of ours who established the Champneys Health Spas encouraged me to train as a reflexologist.

I gained my Reflexology Diploma in 2009 with the International Institute of Reflexology in London (founded by the nephew of Eunice Ingham who is regarded as the founder of modern Reflexology).

A few years later I decided to combine my Reflexology treatments with Chair Massage. I trained with the Touch Pro Seated Acupressure Society where I qualified in 2013. Hence Pete Seat and Feet!

I’ve been working in specialist Reflexology and Massage clinics in London, as well as providing office- based treatments here in Brighton and Hove.

I continue my professional development by regularly attending seminars and advanced training courses in Massage and Reflexology, and have completed a Full Body Massage course at the Jing Advanced Massage training school in Brighton.

I spend my spare time playing the ukelele, travelling around the world (especially Spain as I’m a fluent Spanish speaker), teaching drama, reading, staying fit, and going on Buddhist meditation retreats.

Professional Memberships:

  • Association of Reflexologists (MAR)
  • TouchPro UK Seated Acupressure


Pete Seat and Feet offers Reflexology and Chair Massage. Have either of these as a stand-alone session, or try a combination and feel doubly relaxed and rejuvenated!

Monday – Saturday

  • Chair Massage: 30 minutes £30
  • Reflexology: 60 minutes £45
  • Combined Chair Massage & Reflexology: 60 minutes £50, 90 minutes £65

I look forward to meeting you!


“Pete’s treatment gives me massive relief from my ME symptoms. Restores calm to my aching neck and shoulders and I also get a fabulous night’s sleep. Great service!” — A client on “Seat & Feet” (combined chair massage & reflexology) treatment

“Absolutely superb! Excellent and professional. Released about 3 years of tension in one session. Will definitely come back.” — Tanya L, Brighton

“I am due to deliver a baby this evening, so a thoroughly relaxing (I fell asleep!) and restorative treatment was just what I needed!” — Dr C. Mellon, London

“Amazing, amazing Chair Massage and Reflexology-highly recommend. Pete is extremely knowledgeable and the treatments are VERY relaxing.” — Kirsty G, Maida Vale, London

“I see Pete every month for a massage. It is my way of rewarding myself for getting through the stresses of work. Despite the fact that we are in a work meeting room, Pete manages to create a really relaxing environment and I soon forget that I am at work! I like the fact that Pete’s massage is not intrusive (the only thing I need to take off is my glasses) and the massage is vigorous but never painful. I leave the session feeling very much less tense and, dare I say it, quite relaxed. It enables me to get through the day better and I would very much recommend Pete to anyone else trying to deal with the stresses of office life.” — Daryn B, Learning & Development Manager, Hove

To book a session with Pete, please contact Anahata on 01273 698687. 

Pete offers: