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About Patrizia

I am a big advocate of the innate ability of the body to self heal when the right conditions are provided. I have learnt about it directly on my own body first and in time I have embraced a professional path to help others.

I started my quest in my twenties but the journey really began fifteen years ago when I approached Qigong as alternative to surgery on my neck, and in 2013 I qualified to teach it.  Qigong eventually led me to study Chinese Medicine with the three year’s diploma at the Xian Tian College where in 2019 I qualified to provide Acupuncture, Tui Na, Cupping and Moxibustion. I now practice under the Standards and Code of Ethics of The Acupuncture Society and I keep developing my studies in Chinese Medicine Food Therapy, micro systems Acupuncture and Gua Sha, as well as my self-cultivation with Qigong and Meditation.

At the core of my treatments I aim to help people connect to their body and mind as a pathway to their own health and wellbeing. In this process, alongside the clinical treatments I provide are extra support in form of health coaching sessions. These cover the subjects of lifestyle, diet and exercise to provide guidance in establishing healthy, mindful choices in everyday life; they enhance the clinical work and help prevent disease in the longer term. These sessions are particularly useful for those who feel overwhelmed by changing habits, for example from busy lives or when it is difficult to stick to instructions.

Acupuncture very effectively promotes transformation at both physiological and emotional levels. For this reason it is very good to release blockages that cause pain in the body, discomfort in the mind and obstruction in the functions of the organs, as well as to improve vital substances such as qi, blood and fluids that fuel the organs and nourish the body. The subtle relationship between body and mind is a central part of my work – it is often the root cause of the condition, so I keep an eye on both aspects during diagnosis and treatments.


Tuina is a medical massage, which means that it is not only about relaxation. It works at a different level from Acupuncture but is based on the meridian system and uses the same principles. It has the advantage of releasing and redistributing the substances and soft tissues around the body by increasing the circulation of qi, blood and fluids. This benefits greatly the internal organs, the tissues of the meridians’ pathways and the mobility of the joints. Such balancing action also calms the mind and invigorates the immune system, which makes Tuina a therapy suitable for many conditions.

Acupuncture and Tuina work very well together either separately, to support each other, or in longer sessions which include both.

I am open to treat a wide variety of conditions from acute to chronic, from muscular skeletal to internal and auto immune.

If you want to find out if I can help you, you can book a free discovery call.
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Full fee

First session (includes full consultation) 1 hr at £45
Subsequent sessions, 45 mins at £45

First session (includes full consultation) 60 mins at £45
Subsequent sessions, 45 mins at £45

Acupuncture and Tuina together
All sessions 90 mins at £65

Low cost for BeWell members

Acupuncture for BeWell members
First session (includes full consultation) 1 hr at £30;
Subsequent sessions, 45 mins at £30

Tuina (Chinese channels massage), for BeWell members:
First session (includes full consultation) 60 mins at £30
Subsequent sessions, 45 mins at £30

Ear Acupuncture group sessions


“Patrizia offers her unique knowledge, experience and wisdom of healing with compassion and curiosity. Her approach is non intrusive and sensitive. Patrizia uses both Tuina and Acupuncture helping me connect more deeply to my body.”  Garreth P, Psychotherapist

“Patrizia is amazing! She is hugely knowledgeable about Chinese Medicine and takes time to learn about everything from my diet and nutrition to sleep patterns and energy levels. She has used Acupuncture and Tuina to release tension in my back and neck over a couple of sessions and every time I come out the aches have diminished and I feel so much lighter and calmer. The space she creates is relaxing, welcoming and nurturing, and treatments are carried out with great skill and kindness.”  Katy ESB, Architect

“I strongly recommend Patrizia, she really helped me with my upper back pain. After the Tuina massage I felt more relaxed and the pain disappeared.” Rosa A, Business System Analyst

“I have seen Patrizia for more than a year by now a during this time she has become MY acupuncturist. Firstly, she was focusing more on Tuina, using it to address my chronic back pain. I really enjoyed the technique and she was able to focus on the points on my back that needed more attention and work.
After a couple of months, she started to use Acupuncture to address the back pain as well as my issues on GI tracts and IBS. I really appreciate and love the way Patrizia is both professional and caring, able to explain the principles of Chinese Medicine to someone like me who was totally new to the practice of Acupuncture as well as the results that I have achieved with her! I really recommend and trust Patrizia and her skills!”
Simona C, Nutritionist

Patrizia offers: