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Low cost hypnotherapy and Sedona Method is available at £35/hr for BeWell members.

For: full fee hypnotherapy, Sedona Method and hypnotherapy to stop smoking – please call Anahata to book, 01273 698687

Maya is an experienced hypnotherapist as well as one of the very few Sedona Method practitioners in the UK.

She specialises in confidence and performance-related issues, whether in work & business, academic performance including academic stress and anxiety, or in personal & social life.

She also works with these techniques as personal development tools for spiritual growth and self-exploration.

Her work is based around the present rather than the past. She believes that regardless of our history, we are able to access our true unlimited nature at any given moment, rather than be limited to ideas, beliefs and stories we tell ourselves of who we are based on those past experiences.

Hypnotherapy is a natural and powerful way of accessing our subconscious mind; addressing mental processes that affect our emotional state; creating new sets of instructions, while the Sedona Method directly accesses emotional processes and instantly releases and frees us of uncomfortable and unnecessary feelings and suffering.

Maya’s work brings about fast results. Working with these two techniques and integrating both the mental and emotional aspects of the subconscious, we experience quicker and more meaningful transformation. This is done first by ‘de-programming’ and then ‘re-programming’.

Letting go of blocks such as fear and other uncomfortable feelings, limiting beliefs, we learn to become in charge of both our mind as well as master our emotions. As a result, they become tools rather than obstacles, ready to serve us and help us achieve our goals and dreams.

In addition to one-to-one sessions, she has been regularly giving free talks as well as holding group work; empowering individuals for easily achieving goals; for becoming creators of their own lives; for directly experiencing success as well as profound and lasting peace of mind, clarity and happiness in the Here and Now.

She holds a Masters Degree in Clinical Hypnosis from The University of West London and has trained with the London College of Clinical Hypnosis. She did her Sedona Method training in Sedona, Arizona, under the guidance of Hale Dwoskin.

Maya is also an experienced Hypnobirthing practitioner; preparing mums and partners for a stress and fear-free birthing experience. The hypnobirthing course is a complete birthing programme, including relaxation, self-hypnosis, visualisation, breathing techniques, practical information and much more.

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Maya offers: