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Magdalena offers:

Magdalena Reising

Available for bookings in the UK from 1 st April 2024

Arts and healing are the two passions that have guided me through life.

I am a qualified reflexologist, therapeutic massage therapist, aromatherapist, past life regression therapist and reiki master, with an interest in vibrational medicine and sound healing.

I am a professional musician, so I understand the importance of deep relaxation and time out to rejuvenate – to recharge your batteries in order to give back to the world. Our body is our instrument – it is vital that we are in tune with ourselves and therefore with the world around us.

Each session is different depending on each individual’s need. Sometimes I dowse for Bach flower remedies, or do EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) or use crystals. I may also recommend a past life regression.

During lockdown, after a dramatic time at sea as resident harpist  on the Cunard line during the pandemic, I created a sound chakra balancing meditation. I incorporate this into my healing sessions – whether for reiki, reflexology or aromatherapy as a sound bath with Tibetan singing bowls.


My intention is to create a positive, safe space to go within – to find your place of inner peace and healing.

You can visit my website here.


“I had an amazing session recently, beautiful sounds. Gorgeous connection, soothing and very healing highly recormmend a session. Thank you, much Love” Esther.

“I just had a very beautiful treatment from Magdalena recently.
I love the fact that she picked me a card – she has very strong intuition and guidance for any person or individual.
The card matched exactly what I was feeling, and then Magdalena did the healing work – listening to the sound of the harp and her singing working through all the chakras and the different vibrations was beautiful.
I felt very rejuvenated afterwards thank you. I was also inspired to follow my dream and trust in the universe.
You are truly beautiful spiritual angelic guide for anybody who needs nurturing and guidance.” — Charlotte.

“Magdalena is both a professional harpist and a spiritual seeker. She combines exploration of the chakras with sound healing. Her self-developed therapy is unique and innovative and utilises the full variety of her experience, interests and wisdom.
She has the voice of an angel and accompanies herself on the celestial harp.
She is intuitive and understands which questions to ask. I learnt a lot.
It was transformative, powerful, joyous and releasing. Rather wonderful!”

Magdalena offers: