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Kelly offers:

I first heard of Bowen through a friend who had seen a great reduction in her pain levels after only one session. Intrigued, I found a local practitioner and sent my mother for treatment since she was suffering with back pain and the side effects of her prescribed medication. After only 3 treatments she felt able to stop taking this medication, something which greatly improved her quality of life. I had always been interested in complementary health and drug free ways to approach wellbeing and now seeing first hand the life changing impact of such a therapy on a loved one, I felt inspired to become a therapist myself.

Firstly, to train in anatomy and physiology I qualified in Therapeutic Massage, then embarked upon Bowen Therapy training, qualifying as a Bowen Practitioner in 2011 with The College of Bowen Studies. I’ve practised consistently but part time from clinics in Canterbury and moved to Brighton recently where I’m looking to build up a practice as well as find new connection and community.

I love that such a gentle therapy, one which recognises the therapeutic value of touch, can have such powerful effects. On one level a great many musculoskeletal conditions can respond well to Bowen, however over the years that I’ve been practising I have come to understand how deeply our emotions, traumas and stress can be held physically within our bodies. I see Bowen as a tool, not to treat the pain but rather to allow the person to come to a place of healing within themselves, both physically and mentally.


I saw Kelly after a short but acute spell in hospital left me with swelling and pain in my limbs and abdomen. Kelly was so supportive and set out how she could approach this with Bowen, offering me reassurance, and a pathway. The treatment itself was gentle, which was so necessary after my illness, and I got better and better after each session. I would wholeheartedly recommend Bowen Therapy with Kelly, she calmly and kindly guided me and her treatment got me back on track to wellness.

I had persistent pain in my leg and foot and it made it difficult to sleep at night. After 1 session of Bowen Therapy with Kelly it was gone. I had some follow up sessions but the pain relief was instant. I was also surprised that Bowen therapy doesn’t hurt at all and there was no discomfort during or after the session. Kelly is really relaxing to be around, she’s very kind, gentle and non judgemental. I highly recommend her!”

I had a number of Bowen sessions from Kelly to address painful hips and stiff shoulders. The treatments significantly improved mobility and reduced pain in these joints. The treatments also had the unexpected effect of clearing sinuses, having me feel exceptionally relaxed and improving my sleep. I love Bowen and would highly recommend Kelly as a caring and professional practitioner.


Full fee at £55/60 mins.
Low cost Bowen Therapy is £30/60 mins for BeWell members.

Kelly offers: