Helen Nestor

Helen offers:

I have 15 years of experience working as a massage therapist in the USA and the UK. I have worked in spas, in complementary health clinics, and for a chiropractor.

I was drawn to complementary therapy after a period of illness in my early 20s. I experienced healing and overall wellness physically and mentally from massage, so I appreciated how it could benefit others. I studied art, movement, and dance, so it seemed natural to work with the body, having a kinaesthetic awareness and interest.

I trained in massage at the Academy of Healing Arts in Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA, where I worked at a Japanese health spa and learned about the treatments. My training included a wide range of treatments.

At Anahata, I offer:

Holistic Massage

A light-to-medium pressure is used for stress relief and soothing tired muscles, with a combination of flowing and kneading techniques. This calms the nervous system, increases circulation, and relaxes muscles.

Deep Tissue Massage

This massage is good for working deeper into tighter areas of the body, to increase mobility and flexibility, relieve tension, and increase circulation. It is not recommended if you are in a lot of pain or feeling sensitive.

Hot Stone Massage

The heat from the basalt stones relieves stress or burnout and is good for deep relaxation of the muscles. It is a very nurturing and deeply soothing treatment, also good for aiding recovery after an injury, as it increases circulation to the area. Allow time to relax after the massage before any activity.

Remedial and Therapeutic Massage/Advanced Massage Therapy Techniques

A combination of techniques is tailored to the needs of the individual. Different pressure is applied as needed to treat sciatica, rotator cuff, and other back problems. A consultation will be taken when you arrive. Follow-up self-care techniques will also be recommended.

Thai Floor Massage

This massage requires wearing warm, comfortable clothes to allow freedom of movement. Lying on a mat on the floor, a combination of pressure and stretching is used to help with joint mobility and to release muscle tension.

Ayurvedic Massage

From a tradition of Indian Ayurvedic medicine, which includes diet, yoga, and massage, this is a massage routine aimed at balancing the constitution and the nervous system. This is a deeply relaxing and restorative massage using light-to-medium pressure. It helps with burnout, stress, and times of change. It is very balancing and nurturing. This massage also includes the face, head, and abdomen. With one-hour treatment, coconut oil is used. For the full 90-minute treatment, an appropriate oil is chosen at the consultation for your Dosha (your constitution: either vata, pitta, or kapha), and each area is given more attention.

Lymphatic Massage

A dry, light brushing technique (no oil) is used to move the lymph fluid. This massage is good for detoxification and post-operative recovery (consult your doctor before having this massage). It is particularly good for reducing fluid retention in the legs and for increasing mobility in the joints. It is beneficial for people who fly long-haul or sit for long periods of time. A brief consultation will be taken on arrival.


This is a Japanese energy healing treatment working on the different Chakras (energy centres) of the body. Energy is transferred through the hands by placing them on different areas of the body. It is a still, soothing, and balancing treatment that encourages healing for the mind, body, and emotions.

Organic Facial

Using organic products that are nutritious for the skin, this treatment includes an aromatherapy steam, cleanse, tone, scrub, mask, moisturise, and face massage. It also includes a head and shoulder massage (warm stones can be added at an additional cost).


Following my massage with Helen Nestor yesterday I have had a marked improvement in the mobility of my right hip.” Ray C, Brighton.

I had 3 lymphatic drainage massages, with Helen. She was terrific! She really respected my privacy, and she made me feel comfortable and super relaxed! My entire body felt so relaxed after each treatment, and I have to say that my legs felt much lighter than before.” M, Brighton.

Helen offers: