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Fiona DeFreitas

I use the salutogenic approach in my work so I’m constantly working to address the root cause whilst adding in the good things to optimise health. So instead of just dealing with the symptoms and masking their impact, we’re encouraging your body to heal itself so you no longer experience the symptoms. I help people to find the one thing they can do to improve their physical and mental health, achieve that one thing, then another, and another. The root of your healing journey is always you – I aim to educate and empower you to become independent in your self-care so I’m no longer needed.

I studied Herbal Medicine for 4 years full time and Naturopathy for 2 years (with over 500 supervised clinical hours) graduating in 2018 from the College of Naturopathic Medicine with diplomas in Naturopathy and Herbal Medicine.

I am a registered Herbalist with the Association of Master Herbalists, and a registered Naturopath with the Association of Naturopathic Practitioners, and the General Naturopathic Council.  I’m insured to practice in the UK and covered to practice via online consultations worldwide including the US and Canada.


The initial consultation was thorough and sensitive and covered all aspects of my health and wellbeing. Fee has helped me tackle a number of long standing ailments relating to sleep, digestion, energy levels and anxiety that I had learnt to ignore or live with, I have found that my ability to self-manage these issues has increased with the help of the herbs prescribed and the supplements recommended. We are in the process of weaning me off a prescribed medication too, which had the potential to be a difficult and worrying time, however Fee has guided me through along with the advice from my GP and I have felt in control and well supported throughout. Overall my treatments with Fee have improved my wellness and have helped me find a sense of empowerment with my health and wellbeing.

I think you’ve given me happy pills! I feel good! Its great, all my circumstances have stayed the same yet I feel so much more resilient to deal with them. Thank You.

Fee was thorough and knowledgeable in her treatment and gave patient and thoughtful lifestyle advice to complement the prescribed herbs. I recommend.

Thanks so much for everything Fee – I really enjoy taking your herbs – you’re so knowledgeable and understanding and have taught me a lot about my body and why it may be displaying these symptoms and I’ve learnt a lot from you about how to support my systems better. You have listened attentively and considerately to my issues and it has been really easy to be open with you. Thank you so much for all of your support since I’ve been your client for the last year!”

It was a real pleasure working with Fee. I found her really warm and friendly which totally put me at ease when discussing what, at times, were quite sensitive topics. She took great care to understand what I needed and ensure that she was investigating all areas of my life and health. Her advice was very broad-ranging, much more than simply finding the right herbs for me. It was a whole body and mind holistic approach. She clearly knows her stuff, so I felt in very good hands! :-)”

I am getting to sleep much quicker and importantly, staying asleep for longer. Overall, the quality of my sleep is a lot better and I feel less tired on a day-to-day basis.

Taking the herbs Fee prescribed for me was very easy and straightforward. I really liked that I had different things to help at different stages of the day, from the tincture that I took with water in the morning, to the tea that helped me to relax at night and the drops I could take if I woke in the night. Knowing I had this available to help me really took away some of the anxiety about not sleeping, so this ‘support pack’ of herbs had mental as well as physical benefits for me.

Fiona offers: