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I am a Doula, Pagan Celebrant and Shamanic Practitioner. I first opened my awareness to shamanism when I was 22, I studied Witchcraft for a short time.  Then I studied Shamanic Consciousness with Brian Bates and Susan Greenwood, the course led me to discovering Druidry. I also sat in spiritual development circles at that time, and spent six years learning about trance healing, spiritual healing, mediumship and psychic work.

I have four children, and for ten years did less development as my family grew, until I stepped foot into doula-ing in 2016, then my door to the shamanic world opened wider. I studied Sacred Drum Practitioner Training with Steven and Renata Ash, and Soul Retrieval through the College of Sound Healing. I spent two years shadowing to become a teacher for the Sacred Drum Practitioner Training.

I have also studied postnatal healing ceremony and sat on courses with teachers from South and Central America, learning mainly with Dr Rocio Alcaron, a Curandera and Ethnobotanist from Ecuador.

I love combining all my work and experiences with passion to help women heal. My main experience is around pregnancy, birth, and the postpartum time. I am extremely passionate about bringing back and honouring spirituality, lost traditions and ritual within our birth experiences, and learning from other cultures, as we have lost our healing traditions for women.

Eva Bay Greenslade, Shamanic Healing

Through the Anahata Health Clinic I offer Shamanic Healing, which can involve Soul Retrieval, Energy Clearing, Shamanic Drum Healing and Journey work.  I also offer Shamanic Postnatal Healing with a Rebozo scarf. I work intuitively, often using my drum as my tool and guide.

Postnatal healing is a traditional ritual treatment for after birth, or following baby loss, drawing on healing techniques I have learned through Rocio Alarcon, Curandera from Ecuador.  I use a traditional Rebozo scarf to wrap your hips, and I work around your hips using shamanic massage.  I also combine drum healing to aid healing and help you to feel held during the session promoting self healing of your energy field.

Soul retrieval gently invites those fragmented parts lost in time back into your soul shamanically, enabling you to heal yourself. During treatments, all you need to do is lie down on the couch and relax. I feel very passionate this can help in many areas of life, including relationship break ups, and fear’s such as, fear of birth.

Drum journeying can be a part of guided soul retrieval, or can journey to connect with ancestors, or your higher self in the spaces in between life. I offer drum journeying commonly for birth preparation too, but it can be a nice way to find yourself and connect deeply with your intuition.

Shamanic Drum Healing is a sound healing, drawing on the earth’s heart beat and connecting to your own body rhythms.  The drum is an intuitive tool I use to work with your aura through sound resonance, clearing your energy, promoting self healing and rebalancing balancing your energy field.  I may also use a rattle, feather, bells, depending on the session.

All you have to do with all of my sessions is lay on the couch, open to the session, relax deeply and enjoy your time away from the world to begin your soul journey of self healing.

Eva Bay Greenslade, Shamanic Healing

Eva offers: