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Emily Rose has over 10 years experience in health and wellness and has a 3 year Diploma at the College of Naturopathic Nutrition.

Nutrition is a fundamental part of life – we all need to be well nourished for optimal health.
It is possible for you to feel better through simple changes in your diet and lifestyle to last a life time in health and wellness.

You can have more energy – you can achieve your goals.
Acute and chronic conditions can be supported – our health is our wealth.
Finding your own balance again can help you to achieve your absolute best.

Emily combines current up-to-date well researched evidenced based nutrition with a naturopathic approach.
Naturopathic Nutrition is the simple principle of using wholefoods as medicine and reducing toxic loads – resulting in self healing and long term positive results.

With knowledge in physiological and biochemical processes. Emily Rose provides friendly, professional and evidence based nutrition & lifestyle advice – to be the best you.

Nutritional therapy with Emily Rose can help the following and so much more:

  • Allergies/intolerances – diagnostic testing
  • Immune support -lethargy/nausea/sickness/autoimmune conditions/learning disabilities support
  • Weight management/cravings/eating habits/blood sugar balance/eating disorders
  • Fitness – sports nutrition/DNA tests
  • Endocrine health – hormonal imbalance/menopause/hot flushes/Diabetes/UTIs/Cystitis/thrush/PMS/ fertility
  • Digestive health – cramps/reflux/bloating/diarrhoea/constipation/Crohn’s/IBS
  • Cardiovascular health – blood pressure/COPD/raised cholesterol/metabolic syndrome
  • Mental health – anxiety/depression concentration/memory/dizziness
  • Respiratory issues – asthma/coughs/colds/congestion
  • Skeletal/muscular health – aches/pains/arthritis/sports injuries
  • Skin conditions – acne/rosacea/psoriasis/dermatitis
  • Inflammation/stress
  • Men’s health – fertility/sexual health
  • Women’s health/sexual health/PMS & fertility
  • Safe and effective detox plans
  • Sports nutrition/safe training/nutrient guidelines for optimal training

What happens in a consultation?

Emily Rose will talk to you about your medical history, family history and ask various questions about each system of the body – piecing together a unique picture of your health – in a safe, friendly and confidential environment.

The consultation will run for 1.5 hours and a personalised nutrition and lifestyle plan will be given to you to follow – it will be achievable and based on whole foods, it may include relevant nutrients needed to support you to be the best you.

It is recommended to come back for a follow up to check you progress – normally 6 to 8 weeks later.

Info and contact

First, book a free 15 minute chat to find out what suits you.
Next step is a one-to-one consultation, 90 minutes, £95 for a full consultation with nutrition and life style plan.
It is important to follow up on your progress:
Follow-up appointment 6 to 8 weeks later, 60 minutes, £65.
Book both first consultation and follow up together, only £140.

Emily may refer you for further diagnostic testing, and supporting your health with supplements if necessary.

Essential oils consultations are also available.


Contact Emily Rose now, for the next step to a better you.
To book a session with Emily Rose, please contact Anahata on 01273 698687. 

Emily offers: