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Hypnotherapy for stopping smoking is a powerful tool.

Over 90% of my clients stop smoking after the 2-session treatment. My practice has also been awarded ‘one of the higest success rates of all national stop smoking centres hypnotherapy branches’ (2013). This success isn’t only at quitting smoking, but at remaining a non-smoker after a period of 6 months.

If a follow-up session is needed within a one month period, I won’t charge you for it.

But you must be ready and committed to stop smoking and becoming a non-smoker. Hypnosis won’t wave a magic wand if you’re not 100% on board. If you are, it can give you the necessary will power, confidence, calm and positive focus you need in order to do it.

This is why the cost for the stop smoking hypnosis treatment is intentionally higher than of regular sessions – it’s to make sure that you’re fully committed.

Cost: £265 – for 2 sessions:
– first session 1.5 hours
– second session 1 hour.

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