Shen Emotional Therapy is £70/90 mins.
Restorative Shen Therapy is £50/60 mins.

What is Shen Therapy?

SHEN® adopts a scientifically researched concept of how emotions work and merges it with the physics of the biofield -where emotions reside in the body. This allows a powerful process of emotional healing and personal evolution from the inside out, that works with the body’s natural processes rather than a mental/verbal approach.

SHEN® can enhance emotional well-being and balance by resolving  anxiety, sleeping problems,  stress,  panic attacks, migraines, unresolved grief, IBS, eating disorders, reactive depression, sexual and physical abuse, burn-out, phobias, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and by accelerating physical healing from injuries and operations.

Once the negative emotions are released by SHEN®  unlocking the biofield, this allows positive emotions to arise. Negative emotions like shame, guilt, anger, rage, low self-esteem, irritability, over control, compulsions and addictions, once released allow the positive emotions (serenity, love, joy, motivation, self-confidence, passion, excitement, peace, resilience, self-control, healthy will) that reside in our biofield to be revealed and allow us to be who we truly are.

One tends to go into a relaxed state during sessions and some fall asleep. You are fully clothed on a SHEN cradle. Monica works feeling for energy flows above and below your body around the area where emotion or pain is blocked.

Some of your blocked emotions may arise in the sessions, between sessions or in dreams. If these occur in sessions, Monica will guide you in a gentle nurturing way to allow those emotions to come out and leave. People often have a feeling of lightness from these emotions or ones they arrive with, after a session.

Please note: a person can’t have a one off session to release emotion, it needs to be part of a SHEN® series. See section below.

There are one off SHEN® Relaxation Sessions that are very powerful but generally do not work on the emotions, but more for relaxation, pain and to help sleep.

How many will I need?

Shen Emotional Therapy (90 mins): for emotional conditions a series of 6-8 weekly sessions are usually enough to resolve most issues. Deep trauma, or more embedded emotions, may take longer.  For some, 3-4 sessions may be enough.

Relaxation/Restorative SHEN (60 mins) can be given as a one-off treatment. Monica works on the peripheral of the body, avoiding emotion centres. These help to resolve stress, overwhelm, back, leg or arm conditions, to increase energy and release tension.

You can find out more about Monica on her website.

It is important that Monica talks to a new client before agreeing to start a SHEN® series with them to see if SHEN® is the best treatment for them. 

For this reason you cannot book in directly.

Please contact Anahata on 01273 698687 or to arrange a free 15min consultation on the phone to find out if SHEN can help you.

Healing stories

Pain from Old InjuryI highly recommend Monica for SHEN. I had chronic leg/hip/back pain & poor circulation after a major childhood accident; emotional issues and food intolerances from emotional turmoil. After a SHEN series – Wow! What a difference. I’ve never been more settled emotionally. My leg circulation improved and pain reduced.  I now eat corn and wheat without side effects. Monica is very personable and  completely present during SHEN. Her sincerity shines through and she draws upon a wide body of experience and modalities.” EH

Eating DisorderMonica has been an amazing therapist and offered me so much support during my sessions.  SHEN helped significantly with deep seated emotional issues,  including an eating disorder I battled with for a long time.  I truly believe that my SHEN sessions helped me move these issues and become the person I was always meant to be.  With SHEN I made huge transformation and I’m now able to fulfil my life without emotional baggage following me around.” SR

Relationship with childMonica is a very intuitive healer.  She has helped me with Shen in a kind, caring and empathetic way.  She has many strings to her bow making healing more effective; and  I felt comfortable and safe with her. She has a good rapport and is really trustworthy.  If you feel other therapies haven’t shifted some issues, try Shen.”  JM

Life changingI had old wounds which left me unhappy and impacted my relationship with my daughter. I wanted rid of these old issues.  Monica suggested SHEN to resolve my earlier eating disorder (ED) which still plagued me.  Each session was professional; she is such a kind soul and made me feel at ease. I LOVED every session as I could feel emotions leaving my body.  It felt cleansing and a feeling of release.  I’ve left 10 sessions like a different person.  Confident and able to talk about my past now with no shame.  I believe SHEN changed my life – Monica played a huge part in that.  I thank her from the bottom of my heart for being a huge part in my healing process.  She is a really gifted lady.” AM

Improvement at workWith a short SHEN series I experienced an incredible journey.  It focussed me on  getting a promotion at work and be able to speak my truth. As a therapist Monica is very caring and easy to open up to.  I highly recommend SHEN if you are struggling emotionally.” MD

Grief  release after 4 sessions in 1 dayI experienced much loss over a period of years and was unable to process one event before the next happened. I felt absolutely full of grief and pain. Homeopathy helped me deal with physical symptoms, like anxiety,  but it was bringing emotions to the surface which were suppressed for so long.  I couldn’t allow myself to release them. I’d not had Shen before but it was clear emotions of pain and loss were trapped in my body.  Shen seemed the only option. During the sessions memories and emotion arose,  but in one session I started to shake and cry with a huge sense of release. It took me a  few days to adjust after sessions. I felt some anger, but once that cleared I felt a sense of lightness, relief and calm. Over the last few months I’ve allowed things to come up that need processing and feel an increasing capacity to deal with things. There is still some trauma there but 4 sessions of Shen has finally allowed me to let go of the trapped pain and grief. It has been a massive gift and step forward in the healing process, thank you.” PH

Emotional PMSI saw  Monica when struggling to manage my emotions and PMS symptoms. During weekly sessions she offered a consistent space to focus on releasing previous trauma and negative emotions.  After several sessions, I felt freedom from my difficulties and became more positive and brighter in mood. SHEN is not intrusive and offered me an opportunity to heal whilst feeling safe.” AC

Anxiety & AddictionsI sought SHEN to help my anxieties and gain  focus. After 10  sessions, Monica not only helped with this, but helped me work release my addictions and unhealthy relationships. I saw a dramatic improvement in how I felt and amazed in the shift in my anxieties. I highly recommend Monica to anyone wanting help in any area of their life; whether that be health, family, career or any issues relating to self. Thank you Monica for all you have helped me with.” PD

Traumatic memoriesMonica is a very calm, healing and empathic practitioner and helped me feel safe. SHEN has unlocked deep, traumatic memories that I can now acknowledge and work on. I highly recommend, SHEN with Monica, to anyone feeling stuck in trauma symptoms. I feel a lot more grounded and in touch with my body since SHEN.” TL

Move from Head to Body (after 1 session)Thank you for the fabulous SHEN! I woke up today for the first time not bombarded by loads of thoughts! I actually felt so much better. I really feel like it’s helping. I feel a lot clearer, more present too.” GF

Restorative /Relaxation SHENAfter a 30 min SHEN session at a Holistic Fair I feel absolutely amazing. So different to when I came in. Thank you so much.” AJ

30 min Restorative SHENI feel very blessed to have had the treatment from you today. And feel this area of my body (sacral) is turbo charged now.  I felt super relaxed the evening and next day after the treatment.  I love the work that you do and the sharing that you gave on Saturday.” GS

1 hour Restorative SHENAfter my treatment I felt very ‘in flow’ and very connected. I felt my body had reconnected, as I’d felt disconnected before the session.  Also felt very very relaxed.” JM

Just wanted to say thank you for being part of my healing journey. I don’t understand SHEN, but I can feel the difference and you have my eyes to a different way of healing. Thank you for making me feel safe and helping me process my Truth. You are an amazing nurturing woman with a special gift. Thank you again.”

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