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Shamanic Healing & Soul Retrieval is available at £70/90 mins.
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Shamanic Healing

Shamanic Healing is a combination of Sacred Drum Healing, and Soul Retrieval and Journey work. These different tools are used to rebalance the energy field of your body.

Soul retrieval

Whenever we experience trauma (physical, spiritual, emotional) a part of our vital essence separates from us, so we can survive the traumatic experience by escaping the full impact of the pain. Shamanic soul retrieval is the retrieval of these lost parts of the soul. It is important to know that when these parts of the soul are returned, they come back with all the pain experienced when leaving. So the shaman will gently negotiate the soul’s return to the body and acknowledge the former pain.

Sacred Drum Healing

Sacred Drum Healing iis a sound healing, drawing on the earth’s heart beat and connecting to your own body rhythms.  The drum is an intuitive tool Eva uses to work with your aura through sound resonance, clearing your energy, promoting self healing and rebalancing your energy field. She may also use a rattle, feather or bells, depending on the session.

Journey work

Journey Work is the basis of shamanism. To ‘journey’ is to use the monotonous rhythm of the drum to reach a trance state in order to move into the spirit world. The journey state can be experienced differently by different people: through your imagination you can experience the spirit world as sounds, smells and other sensations. Shamanic journey experience can have very little to do with the outside world. Each person’s experience is individual, and each experience is quite real.

The journey is often referred to as an ecstatic state – where you can communicate with the unseen world to gain information that can affect the seen world. Once you enter a trance state, the rhythm or sound of the drum tends to change. The drumbeat may appear to speed up or slow down, while the sound may grow louder, softer, or disappear. You may experience a change in body temperature, feel energy flowing through your body, or find yourself twitching, swaying, or rocking. It is not uncommon to hear sounds or voices. You may even smell specific aromas. You may see colorful patterns, symbolic images, or dreamlike visions.

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