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Shamanic Healing for Women is available at £70/90 mins.
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There are many practices from cultures all over the world which believe our bodies are open after birth – not just physically but spiritually too. We need ways to aid healing and energy flow, allowing women to close and restore their bodies gently. The Shamanic Postnatal healing ceremony is performed to close and realign the hips, close the energy field, and bring blood to the area to aid healing.  This is done with massage techniques, Rebozo/manta fabric massage and wrapping,

​Eva’s postpartum healing ceremony comes through learning with Rocio Alarcon, Curandera and Ethnobotanist from Ecuador. It involves gentle shifting, and rocking of your womb area, and your body, a massage of your womb and hip area using warming oils. Then tight wrapping using traditional Rebozo scarves either just over your hips and womb space or your full body. While you are wrapped, you can choose to be still, or have a Sacred Drum healing.

​This closing ceremony is also a closing of cycles – to seal one cycle and step forward to the next cycle of life. 

This ceremony can be for any life event not just birth. The sealing ceremony can be an appropriate way to close many events, such as after a break up, or the end of a job, or a change in life such as reaching an age milestone, like maga or croning.

“Each phase or season of a woman’s life has a rite of passage that set its theme and gives information to the woman about how her particular culture values her new role and what is expected of her.

Maiden ~ carefree, Mother ~ responsibility, Maga ~ carefree responsibility, Crone ~ responsibly carefree!” — Jane Hardwicke Collings​

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