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Sedona Method first session £95/90 mins, follow on sessions 1 hour; please call Anahata to book, 01273 698687.
Low cost Sedona Method is £35/hour for BeWell members.

The Self Development Tool For Freedom: for finally Letting Go of past limitations

The Sedona Method is a powerful yet simple and easy self development tool, based on the idea that we are free and unlimited, only limited by our holding on to our past and future stories in our minds.

It is a powerful yet easy-to-learn releasing technique which allows us to effortlessly experience immediate letting go of any fear, any other painful or unwanted feelings, beliefs or thoughts and any other blocks or limitations right in the moment, as well as profound permanent transformation.

The Sedona Method liberates you to have, be or do whatever you desire in all areas of your life, without having to go into the past stories that have created the blocks:

  • Enjoy more radiant physical health as well as mental and emotional clarity and wellbeing.
  • Have more loving, healthy and harmonious relationships.
  • Enjoy the peace, happiness and joy you’ve been seeking.
  • Achieve dramatic results in improving your wealth and success.

Another reason why the Sedona Method is very unique is that its effects are felt instantly and profoundly yet it’s very easy to learn and implement for oneself. Rather than just understanding the concept of Letting Go, it will provide you with a practical and simple tool to finally release all those negative emotions or beliefs standing in your way and providing you with clarity, confidence and self-awareness no matter what it is you might be working on.

Maya Zack

Maya Zack is one of the few Sedona Method practitioners in the UK, holding one-to-one or small group sessions, which can be booked individually or as special programmes. She also regularly offers free introductory talks about the method as well as other special events.

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