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Moxa is an ancient Chinese herbal heat therapy. Moxa is often used with acupuncture, as it facilitates the vibration of heat to detoxify your body, stimulating and nourishing the flow of qi throughout the body. I have found it to be a wonderful tool for massage, it melts away knots and tension and rejuvenates tissue.

Usually this is a 1 hour back massage but can be done for the limbs too. Very good for scars, pain, old injuries and just to relax!

What does Moxa Massage involve?

First of all I do a therapeutic massage for 20 mins to warm up and engage your muscles, and to find the problem areas. Then moxa is used from the base of the spine up to the neck and shoulders followed by “friction” to the sides of the spine from top to bottom. Then I cover your lower back and warm up your shoulders and shoulder blades by massaging and focusing on where the pain and knots are, with repeated heating and massaging. Finally I focus on the area around lower back, pelvis and sacrum.

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