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Lymphatic Drainage massage is available at £50/hr, £70 for 90 mins and £100 for 120 mins.
Low cost Lymphatic Drainage massage is £35/hr, £50 for 90 mins, £70 for 120 mins for BeWell members.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage massage is a very gentle, rhythmic and effective massage that stimulates the lymphatic system.Lymphatic massage is a light dry brushing of the skin following the flow of the lymph fluid. It can be used to combat swelling, post operative (including cosmetic). It is also good for those with lowered immunity or for those wishing to help detox and reduce cellulite.

Lymphatic drainage massage helps to decrease common problems of puffiness ( water retention) in the legs, or the face. This is common in people who fly regularly for work and sit for long periods of time or have circulation problems.

So we can make sure that Lymphatic Drainage massage suits your needs,your massage practitioner will need to have a short phone consultation before your first session.

Please wait until two weeks after surgery to book.

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