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“There is no passion to be found playing small –
in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living.” 

Nelson Mandela

Coaching helps you fulfill your potential, achieve your goals and live a life that makes you truly happy. It does this by helping you to be clear on what you truly want and need and supports you to achieve that.

A coaching conversation is very different from other types of conversations and produces very different results. Coaching conversations can open up opportunities, mindsets and boost motivation in a way you might not have thought possible. With the support of a coach, it is remarkable what can be achieved in often a very short space of time.

Coaching sessions use a combination of structured conversation and thought-provoking exercises to:

  • Improve clarity and focus
  • Increase motivation
  • Provide direction and a sense of purpose
  • Explore and re-frame how you think/see things
  • Notice habits that hold you back and replace them with habits that move you forward
  • Put you into a positive, resourceful and solution-focused state of mind

Put simply, coaching:

  • Harnesses your potential
  • Helps you to be the best you can be
  • Helps you to create and live the life you truly want to live

What Charlotte’s clients have said:

I am enjoying my job again and I’ve got much more energy!
I can recommend coaching by Charlotte to anyone who needs help setting and achieving some positive goals. Thanks to Charlotte I found my flow at work again after being stuck feeling stressed. I am enjoying my job again and I’ve got much more energy to enjoy out-of-work life to the fullest as well!
Narani, Web Engineer

Hugely supportive and useful
“This was hugely supportive and useful for me, and excellent timing, I’ll always be grateful for the four sessions, for Charlotte’s attention to contradictions / psychological blocks and her calm and positive approach. I will recommend this to everyone. The challenges were very useful too. Thankyou!”
Julia, Counsellor

The sessions were invaluable
“Spent a few months being coached by Charlotte through a major career hurdle and the sessions were invaluable. For anyone who hasn’t tried coaching it’s a wonderful way to find the questions you need to ask and answer about yourself, and to find perspective and a path through obstacles. Highly recommended.”
Chris, Producer/Director

I left her sessions with a feeling of accomplishment and ready to tackle the next steps
Charlotte helped me sort out my priorities around my health and life situation at the time by asking the right questions but never influencing my opinion. She helped me come up with a plan and while I was talking she noted it down and I left her sessions with a feeling of accomplishment and ready to tackle the next steps.
Liesa, Operations manager

I got the job!
“I had my first session with Charlotte a few days before an interview. I really didn’t know what to expect and liked the way that she immediately gave me the opportunity to decide what I wished to discuss during that session. 

I opted for interview preparation and it was very helpful. I had been quite nervous about the build-up to it and Charlotte helped me break down all the things I needed to focus on, right down to how I would travel there and what I would wear. She laid it all out clearly on a timeline that she drew up as I spoke. I was then able to take this with me and stick it up at home. The fact that I didn’t have to write anything enabled me to really concentrate and describe things in detail. I felt calmer and more confident when I left that session and during my interview. I did my absolute best on the day as a result of being so prepared. I got the job!

Charlotte was very clear when setting out the expectations of the session. I knew exactly where we were heading, how long we had and what tools we were going to try to use to get us there. 

One of the most rewarding things for me was the realisation through only a couple of sessions, that what I had believed to be the most important thing to make me happy today was not actually the case. This freed up my capacity to focus on other areas which would improve my life and for that I am extremely grateful. 

Thank you!”
Michelle, Teacher

When I feel life piling up around me I know it’s time to call Charlotte
“Charlotte has helped me enormously with balancing my personal and professional life. She created a comfortable and safe environment to explore how I can change my lifestyle patterns and make the most of what I have. She worked with me to identify areas that I felt I needed to change and was really supportive in enabling me to action manageable steps to make that change.

I have felt real benefits from my sessions with Charlotte and look forward to my next session and I can see the end goal in sight! 

When I feel life piling up around me I know it’s time to call Charlotte for another appointment. I really couldn’t have made the changes in my life without her guidance and support and would definitely recommend her to anyone who feels dissatisfied with their life – business or personal.”
Ruth, Business owner and mother of two

Common misconceptions about coaching: 

Coaching vs therapy
Coaching is not therapy. Whilst there is a natural overlap, therapy primarily explores emotions and often deals with things that happened in your past.
Coaching is more practical and pro-active, focusing on re-framing your mind into a resourceful, solution-focused state, to get things done and move you forward towards your goals.
In a broad (and slightly generalised!) nutshell, therapy deals with the past, life coaching moves you forward.
Coaching and advice
Coaches rarely give advice. They work from the premise that the best possible person to know what is best for you, is you!
We are experts at helping clients explore and come up with the best choices for themselves based on where they are and their vision for the future. You may not think you have the answers to your questions right now but after a session with a coach you’ll probably be surprised at what you’ve come up with and how sure you are of the right way forward!

Standard coaching fees:

30 mins – £23
45 mins – £35.50
60 mins – £40
90 mins – £55
120 mins- £75

BeWell member fees:

(limited number available each month)
30 mins – £20
45 mins – £27.50
60 mins – £30
90 mins – £45

Please note:
Until further notice, all coaching sessions will be conducted either by video call or telephone.

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