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What is Integral eye movement therapy (IEMT)?

Integral eye movement therapy (IEMT) remediates problem states, in particular your feelings. IEMT can also be applied to areas of identity. It is a psychotherapy model that aims to reduce intense negative emotional states. You will be asked to recall and maintain a past negative (without having to discuss the negative event with the practitioner). Your practitioner will ask you to move your eyes in specific directions.

Fixed or ‘glazed’ eyes are known to be linked with dissociative disorders and trauma. Even remembering a negative trauma can cause fixed/glazed eyes. The IEMT model helps to break the stuck cycle of trauma by recalling the negative memory while moving your eyes in specific ways, so as to release you from that traumatic state.

Negative patterns or events from your childhood can create an emotional template for all later related experiences and events. It is possible to use IEMT to track a current negative emotion back to its original imprinting experience, and, by using a therapeutic series of eye movements, resolve and clear the loaded emotions associated with the original and current events.

What is the difference between IEMT and EMDR (eye movement desensitization and reprocessing)?

EMDR is an effective way to deal with acute trauma and PTSD.
IEMT does not have to deal specifically with trauma (although it also helps); it is more of a process to release you from chronic trauma and recurring negative patterns. These ‘imprints of emotion’ can cause you to have negative self thoughts and stop you from swimming freely in the sea of life. IEMT is not a talk therapy and can be completely content free, so you do not need to share or re-live you experiences. By design IEMT easily puts you in a relaxed state of introspection with free-floating imagery – a very relaxed and open state which can be the seed for a positive life-view.

How many sessions will I need?

It is possible to achieve lasting change for a specific issue with only one session. However, if your aim is to change you self image and your deeper emotional patterns, this will take a little longer.

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Rowan is so skilled in his craft. In the few sessions I’ve had, I’ve had some big breakthroughs. Rowan is highly intuitive and has a keen sense of where to navigate the session. The healing is entirely my own, but Rowan is pulling all the right levers to get me to trust my intuition and make profound shifts.” Greg

Rowan is a really lovely man who is passionate about the power of IEMT. He takes care to put you at your ease and explain the process in detail. I found it really exciting to notice my brain remembering and clearing past trauma. After just one session I feel really calm.” Kate H

I received several sessions with Rowan Hasson and found them incredibly helpful. I have and do recommend Rowan to all.” Rebecca S

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