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Indian Head Massage with Reflexology is available at £50/60mins Indian Head massage + Reflexology; or £70/90 mins Indian Head massage + Reflexology.
Low cost Indian Head Massage with Reflexology is £35/60 mins Indian Head massage + Reflexology;  or £50/90 mins Indian Head massage + Reflexology.

Indian Head Massage

Indian Head Massage has been practiced in India for over 1000 years and is part of the Ayurvedic tradition. The treatment comes from a tradition of family grooming. The techniques involved have been passed down from generation to generation following two paths of development: women developed one part of the treatment to keep their hair strong whilst male barbers developed the other half to invigorate the scalp and head.

Originally, the technique only included the head. Today, it also includes massage of the upper arms and neck, head and face. Different massage techniques are used throughout the treatment some are quick stimulating movements and others are relaxing gentle soothing movements.

It stimulates the circulation to the scalp and nourishes the hair roots. Along with increased blood circulation, it also stimulates the movement of lymph, thus having a cleansing effect, as well as proving to be an invaluable technique for relief of eye strain, headaches, insomnia, lack of concentration, and lethargy.

It does not require the client to remove any clothing, and it is not essential to have the use of oils. However oils can be used if the client wishes.


Reflexology is based on ancient Chinese theory that the feet, hands and ears are a complete representation of the body in miniature.

Reflexology involves pressure and manipulation of specific areas of the feet, and sometimes hands or face. These areas, reflex zones, are specific points which correspond with organs and tissues throughout the body.

The application of finger and thumb pressure to these reflex zones stimulates the body to heal itself. Similar to acupressure principles, reflexology works with the body’s energy flow.

Reflexology induces relaxation and stimulates the circulation of blood and lymphatic fluids, so aiding de-toxification and the elimination of waste products, and clearing the body energetically.

Reflexology is also convenient in cases where an area of the body is traumatized or diseased to the extent that direct manipulation is not appropriate.

Reflexology is mostly known for being a treatment on the feet – but at Anahata we also offer hand reflexology.

Hand reflexology
Additional benefits of receiving hand reflexology are that it releases tension and improves circulation to your hands and lower arms, easing aches and pains. Since many of us have jobs or interests which demand over-use of thumbs, this can feel a particularly welcome treatment to receive!

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