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Hot volcanic stones are used to massage the body using varied pressures, techniques and precision to enable tight muscles to relax and unwind. Basalt stones are used for this therapy as they are dense, volcanic stones which are able to hold heat for a long time and release it slowly. These volcanic stones have great energy and healing properties. The stones are varied shapes, sizes and have been smoothed naturally by rivers and ethically sourced from places like Japan, Mexico and Bali.

The heat held in the stones is fantastic for smoothing out deeply held muscular tension and enabling relaxation. One stroke of a hot stone is like ten of a hand. The heat allows for a deep massage without the discomfort associated with deep tissue massage as the muscles have been completely relaxed. The hypnotic rhythm of the stones during the massage really allows the mind to switch off so allows for a deeply grounding and balancing treatment. It is also believed that when you increase the blood flow through the skin, detoxification is increased which in turn supports the liver, bowel, kidneys and the lymphatic and circulatory systems.

All areas of the body’s systems continue to respond for seventy-two hours after a hot stone treatment, during which time healing occurs naturally within the body.

Hot Stone Massage

What are the benefits of a hot stone massage?

Muscle relaxation
The heat from the stones causes the muscles to really relax. This will help the therapist to manipulate the internal tissues far more successfully. Some athletes have especially tense muscles which make standard massage a challenge; these stones have the power to soften the muscles before the therapist continues with a deeper massage.

Improved circulation
The therapist places hot stones on and under parts of the body even before starting the massage. The heat absorbed from the stones penetrates the body tissues and causes the widening of blood vessels as well as improving the circulation of blood round the body. This really is crucial for an improved state of wellbeing.

Reduction of aches and pains
All other strategies of massage can help relieve discomfort generally brought on by injuries, stiff joints or tense muscle tissues. Even so, a hot stone massage is far more effective due to the heat from the stones which helps to smooth out tight muscles. Heat is a natural analgesic. A hot stone massage leaves a much better as it allows the therapist to complete a deeper massage without the pain of a deep tissue massage. Nothing eases stress as effectively as a heated stone massage.

Mental rewards
The mind can truly switch off during the massage due to the hypnotic rhythm of the hot stones as they are massaged up and down the body. Relaxation felt from a hot stone massage helps to literally melt away mental anxiety and stress.

A hot stone massage is used to increase well-being and health as it is connected with stability and harmony. Hot stone massages are already recognized to cure insomnia and depression. Given that they are also utilized to release deadly harmful toxins from the body they naturally help with assisting the body to heal itself.

Who can benefit from a hot stone massage?

Anyone, however hot stone massages can be particularly good for:

  • Muscular aches/pains
  • Back pain
  • Insomnia
  • Depression
  • Releasing stress, anxiety and tension
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Athletes or people who do a lot of sporting activities

But beware
A hot stone massage can be used for all different sorts of problems however there are contraindications with clients that have sunburn/heat allergy, skin conditions aggravated by heat and water applications, any condition where heat is contraindicated such as an acute injury or rheumatoid arthritis in its inflammation stage. Also, any specific area that has suffered nerve damage or any trauma that has affected a client’s sensitivity to heat as well as if a client is taking any medications that may cause an over sensitivity to heat. Also, pregnant women in the first trimester should not have a hot stone massage due to changing the core body temperature.

What to expect in a hot stone treatment

A short consultation will occur first where a brief history and areas of concern are discussed and any contraindications for treatment. Then depending on what area of the body needs to be treated the client will be left alone to get undressed and lay underneath the covers provided. It may be necessary to be partially or fully naked under the draping. Parts of the body that are being worked on will only be exposed while the rest of the body remains covered. The safety and dignity of the client will be respected at all times.

The therapist will then spend a few minutes grounding the client and then do some myofascial release through the drapes. A hot stone will be placed on the sacrum and the treatment will begin. Oil or massage wax will be used to massage the body and then the hot stones will be applied and glided over the body at different pressures and using different techniques. The therapist will hold the hot stone first before touching them to the body which ensures the temperature is not too hot. Every client will prefer a different temperature so it is important for the client to let the therapist know what type of temperature they like.

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