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Are you yearning to feel more in your physical body, or in your intimate relationship/s? Many women express a desire to feel more, or to be in a space where they don’t need to respond or please their partner. What is your current relationship with your own body? Has it changed over the years? Would you like a place where you can relax, slow down, and experience your body as she is now? I say this because many women tell me they want to feel like they “used to feel”, however we are not the same body we were, ten years ago, or even one year ago. Many women develop new desires and capacities with maturity, and listening into the body allows these gifts to unfold. This can bring increased capacity of sensual aliveness.

This bodywork session is a Taoist Tantric massage. It has a particular structure, and moves from warming stronger strokes on the back, to lighter, gentler strokes on the limbs. The whole body is included. The massage works with the principles of the Elements, such as Fire and Water, and also channels of energy in the body (as an acupuncturist I have been working with this system for over 20 years.) You can decide if this is a space you wish to be clothes-free, or partially clothed. We will check-in with this on the day of the session.

It’s my intention to create a safely held, nurturing space for you to dispel shame, feel your own body, breath and senses, so you can potentially step into the new you.

This is a particular session, and I ask that we speak on the phone before arranging it, to check if it feels right for both of us. If you’re interested let reception know and I will get back to you.

The first session is two hours in length.


90 mins at £150
120 mins at £200

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