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What is Embodiment Coaching?

Coaching is a self development service in which the focus is on a specific professional or personal goal/problem that needs resolving. The coach and coachee work in partnership to explore the problem and the coach facilitates a space for the coachee to identify steps that they can take to move forward.

Embodiment coaching works through gentle non-athletic movement, posture, awareness, and breathing. Through coaching with the body, deeper change is possible, it’s faster, and it sticks. The coaching revolves around awareness of the body, how it exists in space, how the body affects the emotional state and what the body may communicate to others. Embodiment coaching involves playing around with exaggerating and changing the body and how this affects the emotional state, how it can lead to more clarity and fresh ideas of how to resolve issues.

About Sarah and Embodiment

I worked in partnership with the NHS and probation service as a forensic mental health practitioner. I specialized in supporting men with complex trauma who were affiliated with gangs, who are highly traumatized, dysregulated and engagement in support was challenging. I explored ways that I could engage in therapeutic work that was sensitive to their trauma while allowing them to explore body sensation. I started to experiment with supporting them to come into awareness with their body and experimenting with techniques to regulate the sensations in their bodies rather than going straight to habitual destructive behaviour. My clients were able to understand their physiological trauma responses better and make changes to how they manage and respond to those sensations.

This exploration of the embodiment world allowed me to feel in my body, sit with my emotional and energy changes and be more aware of my body and patterns.I could see what a powerful tool it was for myself and my clients and I became curious to explore further. I then decided to train in massage as I wanted a deeper understanding of physiology and body healing to complement my background in mental health and psychology, with an aim to offer a more body-centred and whole-body service.

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