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Ear acupuncture is available at £50/hr.
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Auricular (Ear) acupuncture is part of traditional Chinese medicine and is based on ‘The Five Elements Theory’. It has been used in the west since the 1950’s and has been found to have beneficial results in health care.

The Five Elements theory understands that wood, fire, earth, metal and water are the basic elements of the material world. These elements are in constant movement and change. In traditional Chinese medicine Five Elements theory is used to interpret the relationship between the physiology and pathology of the human body and the natural environment.

Modern ear acupuncture is based on the work of the French Physician Dr Paul Nogier. He discovered over 200 ear acupuncture points in the ear. These points were then verified by research carried out in China.

In Chinese medicine the external surface of the ear is seen as an upside down foetus. Each organ/part of the body is represented within the ear. By inserting needles into these regions any blocked energy (qi) can start to move freely again. This reduces both physical and emotional illnesses and helps to balance the overall energies in the body.

What happens in a treatment session?

All clients receive an individual consultation and treatment based on a personal assessment. Ear acupuncture can be practiced either individually or in small groups of people with equally good results. Five to six needles are inserted in each ear. The treatment lasts for approximately 45 minutes. The client will sit quietly during this time and can do some Qi Gong (traditional Chinese self healing exercise) if they wish to. When the session is over, the practitioner removes the needles, and the client will have the option of having small magnets taped on to the pressure points to continue the treatment.

Ear acupuncturists follow a strict health and safety policy. They use sterile, single use, disposable needles, ensuring there is no cross infection.

“Acupuncture is valuable because it helps the patient prepare for the future, not merely cope with the past.” — Yuan College

What is ear acupuncture good for?

Ear acupuncture is renowned for what it can do with addictions, this includes alcohol and drug addictions, nicotine, etc. Overall it can do similar things as body acupuncture but is cheaper and less involved, with a much quicker training process. Some people prefer it to body acupuncture or just may want to try it out.

Mainly it is also good for mental health issues (depression, anxiety, panic attacks, ptsd), insomnia, digestive problems, pain in the body, headaches/migraines, infertility and hormones, asthma.

  • Drug/ alcohol addiction
  • Mental/ emotional problems, i.e. stress, anxiety, depression, OCD
  • Restlessness/ insomnia
  • Nicotine withdrawal
  • Pain Management
  • Asthma
  • Digestive Problems
  • Headaches/Migraines
  • Hormone Balancing

Healing stories – ear acupuncture

“I get a lot from coming to ear acupuncture it helps me to stay focused and gives me a lot of positive energy. I feel it makes me more balanced which enables me to deal with my daily life better. I have treatments regularly.”

“I came to ear acupuncture because I was feeling low and anxious and not sleeping well. After a few sessions I noticed a huge improvement in my emotions. I feel a lot better now.”

“I received regular auricular acupuncture treatments over a period of several months, and I feel it supported me through a very difficult time when I was experiencing a lot of emotional distress, anxiety, and panic attacks.”

“I came to Ear Acupuncture because I was going through a very stressful relationship break up. I was sleeping very badly and feeling very overwhelmed with stress, worry and anxiety. I found the sessions very supportive and over the course of six sessions noticed I was sleeping better. I found it very helpful for releasing emotions out in to the open and for releasing general tension and stress.” — K. A.

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