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The aim of Deep Tissue Massage is to allow the body to assume a more healthy and integrated position with respect to itself and the continual pull of gravity. The practitioner massages the body in order to free up muscles and fascia and to allow the body to assume a more fully integrated posture.

Deep Tissue Massage is a system of deep muscular massage that relieves not only muscular tension but also emotional tension which has become stuck in the body tissues.

Physical and emotional traumas seem to tighten and rigidify the muscular and facial tissues of the body. When this happens, the body tends to move out of a state of natural alignment and vitality and into a condition of overall inflexibility and gravitational imbalance. In addition, the continual rigidification of the body also serves to limit the range of emotional flexibility of which the unrestricted body is capable.

“An individual experiencing temporary fear, grief, or anger, all too often carries his body in an attitude, which the world recognizes as the outward manifestation of that particular emotion. If he persists in this dramatization, or consistently re-establishes it, thus forming what is ordinarily referred to as a ‘habit pattern’. The muscular arrangement becomes set. Materially speaking, some muscles shorten and thicken, others are invaded by connective tissue, and still others become immobilized. Once this has happened, the physical attitude is invariable; it is involuntary; it can no longer be changed by thought or mental suggestion. Such setting of a physical response also establishes an emotional pattern. Since it is not possible to establish a free flow through the physical flesh, the subjective emotional tone becomes progressively more limited and tends to remain in a restricted, closely defined area. Now what the individual feels is no longer an emotion, a response to an immediate situation, henceforth he lives, moves and has his being in an attitude.” — Ida Rolf

Because of this, Deep Tissue Massage can be painful and variations in feeling and experience depends on a person’s specific thresholds for pain and discomfort. This can be considerably different in different locations of the body. Some areas can be relatively painless, in fact, quite pleasurable. Other areas, where that person holds the pain that chronically lives within the tissues of the body/mind, can be excruciating to massage.

By releasing the chronically held traumas of a lifetime and reconnecting the natural flows and balance of the organism, the Deep Tissue System seeks to increase health and vitality, to alleviate stress and tension, and to encourage growth and openness of all levels of the body/mind.

This absence of tension and pain then allows the body/mind to assume a more stress free posture, allowing for a stronger experience of health and vitality.

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