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Want to connect better with your partner, spouse or lover?
I can support you as a couple to see what you want more of, and how to help you get there. There may be elements of Tantra, The Wheel of Consent, embodiment practices, and ways to help you feel more able to relate. These may include slowing down, capacity to listen to your partner, and exploring practices which can be fun, sensual and bonding. I work organically with each couple depending on their needs and desires. Feel free to arrange a free chat to discover ways which will help you start to live the change that you want in your relationship. How we connect is central to life and fulfillment. I can share tools which will help you deepen your connection and love.

Julia has worked with Tantra since 2012, and is a certified Wheel of Consent facilitator. She has been working with people for over 20 years.


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