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Colonic Hydrotherapy

Colonic hydrotherapy is an age-old practice, going back to ancient Egypt, recommended in the Bible and practiced today in traditional health systems, such as Ayurveda.

The procedure involves gently introducing filtered, warm water into the bowel and allowing it to release. A ‘closed’ system is used, meaning all waste is removed without any mess or smell. It is a one-on-one treatment, with minimal bodily exposure and respect for privacy throughout.

What does Colonic Hydrotherapy help with?

Gut issues Colonic hydrotherapy is an excellent addition to the gut healing protocols I use with my clients; it removes compacted faecal matter, removes toxins that can be a by product of herbal parasite cleanses, and it retrains a sluggish bowel.

Cleanses/detoxes/fasts A colonic is a fundamental part of any cleanse, detox, liver flush or fast, mini or extended. It ensures that the toxins are eliminated and not re-absorbed through the colon wall.

Many other connected health issues As your gut health status and toxic load underpin your overall health, colonics have far-reaching benefits, including and not limited to helping with: IBS, PMS, migraines, skin issues, anxiety, depression, peri-menopause symptoms, chronic fatigue, weight-loss programmes and cancer.

Having a colonic is a simple step you can take towards detoxing and practicing preventative health and will leave you feeling lighter, energized and relaxed.

Who is your therapist?

Rachel is a qualified Nutritional therapist, who specialises in gut health. She is close to completing her Colonic Hydrotherapy training with the Institute of Professional Colonic Hydrotherapy and will be offering reduced cost colonics until she qualifies in April. The session includes expert nutritional and herbal advice and can be part of a cleanse protocol that she can create for you.


Low cost Colonic Hydrotherapy: for a limited time only
90 mins at £45.

Please book your First session as a First Session, so we can send you a pre-assessment form – essential to complete before your first session.

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