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Acupuncture with Tuina

Acupuncture and Tuina are complementary Chinese Medicine practices:

Acupuncture very effectively promotes transformation at both physiological and emotional levels. For this reason it is very good to release blockages that cause pain in the body, discomfort in the mind and obstruction in the functions of the organs, as well as to improve vital substances such as qi, blood and fluids that fuel the organs and nourish the body. The subtle relationship between body and mind is a central part of my work – it is often the root cause of the condition, so I keep an eye on both aspects during diagnosis and treatments.

Tuina is a medical massage, which means that it is not only about relaxation. It works at a different level from Acupuncture but is based on the meridian system and uses the same principles. It has the advantage of releasing and redistributing the substances and soft tissues around the body by increasing the circulation of qi, blood and fluids. This benefits greatly the internal organs, the tissues of the meridians’ pathways and the mobility of the joints. Such balancing action also calms the mind and invigorates the immune system, which makes Tuina a therapy suitable for many conditions.


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