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I have been fascinated by yoga, Buddhism, spirituality and alternative therapies for over a decade. After years spent sitting in an office, I began travelling and this opened my eyes to the possibility of an alternative way of being in the world.

Meditation retreats, Ayurvedic massage training and yoga teacher training followed and I now love living in Brighton, sharing my experience and learning more through teaching. I love all elements of yoga: its philosophy, the exploration of body/mind through asana practice, meditation and mantra.

I’ve practised many styles and am now delighted to share Vajrasati due to its heart-opening and creative style that is grounded in the teachings of the ancient texts.

I am a RYT 500 (500 hours) qualified teacher registered with Yoga Alliance UK.

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Email sugati108@gmail.com
Anahata 01273 698687

Tammy McCann, Nourishing Yoga


“I spent a long time out of yoga and Tammy helped me get back into my practice. She teaches with a lightness and compassion that made it very easy for me to slip back into my routine again.” Nick, writer, Brighton“I like Tammy’s kind and gentle approach to yoga which helps me to go deeper into the postures. I come away feeling more present and grounded.” — Lucy, Brighton

“I am relatively inexperienced and don’t have a serious yoga practice, but Tammy has been so welcoming and friendly that coming to her classes has become a regular thing, and am I so much better for it. If I arrive tense and grumpy, I leave with an “ah, that’s more like it” feeling. I feel the tension lift, my breath deepen and body loosen as Tammy teaches the postures and encourages me to stretch it out, gently and with kind attention to what I’m holding onto and can learn to let go of. The elements of meditation and yoga as spiritual practice that Tammy brings into the class are always helpful and never too much. I think she understands that we can find a bit more freedom, a bit more happiness when we combine movement with intention, awareness and humour. Tammy is really great – warm and friendly and totally unscary as a teacher. I recommend her!” — Simon, Brighton

“I always feel so much better after Tammy’s yoga classes. I love her teaching style, which is inclusive, encouraging and always mindful. She draws on lots of different techniques, bringing breathing exercises, meditation, partner work and prop use into her classes, which keeps them varied, interesting and fun. I can highly recommend Tammy’s nourishing yoga to anyone looking to bring more mindful movement and balance into their life.” — Hannah, Brighton