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Qigong is shorthand for traditional Daoist ‘Internal Alchemy’ (Neidan) practices. The original emphasis was not just on health and fitness or martial arts, rather on spiritual development as well as maintaining a balanced state of mental and physical wellness.

Daoist Qigong is a spiritual journey and a way of life first and foremost. One finds their own way to The Way (Dao). It is not learning by numbers or formulas. The purest form of Qigong is ‘spontaneous style’ where the life force/Qi moves you whilst you surrender to it. So the traditional way of learning ‘Qigong’ is years of experiential apprenticeship and committed personal practice, not training courses that hand out qualifications: that would be utter anathema to Daoists.

In my case I have been a pupil for 17 years of Master Zhi Xing Wang, as well as participating in-depth courses and retreats for 16 years with Dr. Shen Hong Xin. I have studied and taught various styles of Qigong, including Daoist and Medical Qigong – these are based on my study of Oriental Medicine, Chinese spiritual philosophy, Internal Alchemy and Qigong, and general spiritual development. I bring insights gained from 30-plus years practicing Chinese Medicine and the study of Classical Chinese language and philosophy. Over the years I’ve researched several related methods and systems, to create a holistic and practical and Qigong system.

Inspirit Way Qigong is an application of all the internal work, apprenticeships and courses I have undertaken with spiritual and medical Qigong teachers and masters.

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“I only started doing Qigong in September and have already noticed an improvement in my general health and stamina and have a greater sense of wellbeing. I feel more positive, stronger in myself and am more able to tackle things. Amadis uses a gentle intuitive approach in his classes which are safe, supportive and nurturing and the sessions are energising and empowering as well as healing and relaxing.
Qigong taps into your very essence – the Qi – an elusive but real energy and it’s available to all of us. The effects are subtle but accumulative. Qigong is like keeping the body’s pilot light burning strongly to give the body the strength to deal with the physical and mental challenges of life and it works! If you have spent a lifetime trying to find something to help improve your energy and health, then do yourself a favour, try Qigong and watch the benefits. I am grateful to have found this form of self-healing which I am now committed to doing for life. Thank you Amadis!!” — LS, London

“I have been doing Qi Gong with Amadis for over 20 years and I find that it helps me to cope with the stresses of everyday life. It is particularly helpful in combating the effects of long hours at the computer. Practising Qi Gong helps to balance the flow of energy in your body, at the same time putting you in touch with the universal cosmic energy, which helps to maintain a healthy body and mind. The combination of gentle exercise and meditation is especially beneficial. I particularly like the practices connected with the elements and the seasons, because they bring us closer to nature and make us aware of the energy of each season, even in an urban environment.” — PO, London