"We Want Real Food" by Graham Harvey

“We Want Real Food: The Local Food Lover’s Bible” by Graham Harvey

How you can source local food and why you should, including:

  • What to look for on the label
  • How to avoid food miles
  • Local Food Directory of farmers’ markets, farm gate shops and lots more
  • Fully revised and expanded

"We Want Real Food" by Graham Harvey   "We Want Real Food" by Graham Harvey

From the Slow Food Campaign to Rick Stein’s food heroes, chefs, food writers and environmentalists increasingly equate real food with local food – but where do you buy it and what should you buy?

In this must-have sourcebook, award winning author Graham Harvey explains how the plants we eat should be full of health-giving minerals drawn from a fertile soil. Yet today’s agriculture, so reliant on nitrate fertilisers and monoculture, has empoverished the soil, while the quality of much modern industrially packaged food is lacking in both taste and nutritional value.

But real food is available if you know where to look and this fully revised and updated guide includes a brand new Local Food Directory listing farmers’ markets, farm gate suppliers and farm shops across the UK, as well as advice on what’s on the label, what to avoid and how to ensure you buy the best possible food for your family.

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