handmade bath bomb

Handmade sweet-smelling bath bombs to enhance magical, loving, self nurturing baths


  • sodium bicarbonate
  • citric acid
  • mandarin essential oil
  • sweet orange essential oil
  • lavender essential oil
  • calendula soaked in organic sunflower oil and olive oil
  • love

Our bath bombs are special because of the excellent ingredients – some of which you add yourself like the hot water, the bath itself and your intention. Here are some of our suggestions for an intention, as remember, if you change your mind then you can change your life!

Enhanced Bath Evocation

  • “I am self nurturing in this bath of unconditional love”
  • “As I make my bath fragrant I bring peace to my soul”
  • “I fill this bath and fill my heart with love power”
  • “Thank you body! This bath is for you”
  • “This Bath Bomb is a powerful symbol of the radiant love In my heart, I am bathing in it like sunshine”
  • “As This bath bomb fizzes and disperses in the water of my bath so will the stresses of the day and week, I will be refreshed!”
  • “With this bath and fragrant accompaniment I will dwell peacefully in my true divine nature for the good of all creation”
  • “Oh Mighty Aphrodite! with this bath I will share in your irresistible beauty and contented peace”

Large bath bomb is 7.5 cms diameter; weight approx 100 gms.
Large bath bomb: £5

If you would like this to be sent to you, please be aware it will incur a postage and packing charge of £2 within the UK.
Otherwise, you’re welcome to pick up this product directly from Anahata.