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Summer in Brighton is a glorious time – long days spent on the beach, evenings dining al fresco and plucking up the courage to dip your toes in the sea. So while you’re enjoying this lovely weather, we thought now would be a good time to talk about winter colds…

It might seem counter-intuitive, and frankly the last thing on your mind right now, but if you want to boost your immune system in time to fight off the horrible bugs lying in wait for you later in the year then you need to start now! Sanfu Moxa is an ancient Chinese treatment that can support your defences against colds and flu. It’s also good for asthma, allergic rhinitis, sinusitis and many other lung-related illnesses. You need to have three treatments during the summer months for it to work effectively. And we’re not going to lie, if you’ve not had it done before it can look a little… unusual. However, if you’re sick of getting sick every winter, it is definitely worth exploring. To help you understand more about how it works and what will be going on if you have it done, we asked regular Sanfu Mox-er Ben, who is now having the treatment for his third year in a row, to tell you about his experience.

I first heard of Sanfu Moxa two years ago when there was a wave of press about a “chinese flu jab” to help prevent colds and flu in the winter season. The stories of huge queues forming at clinics in China on the specific July days that the therapy was available were astounding, and I thought if that many people were eager to have the treatment then there must be something in it! When I discovered Sanfu Moxa was available at Anahata, I decided to give it a go.

The first year was a learning experience as I had no idea what to expect. You need to have three treatments each year, which all follow the same process. I began my initial treatment eager to see what would happen. A herbal paste was prepared and placed over specific points of my back, which warmed up gradually. The therapist told me to say when the heat got too intense, but, potentially foolishly, I thought it would be better to let it continue as long as possible to get the best result. As it turned out, that wasn’t the best approach and I ended up with some funny little blisters on my back! Luckily they weren’t painful and they disappeared fairly quickly.  In hindsight, I advise actually letting your therapist know when the herbs get very warm! Every treatment since then I’ve spoken up as soon as the heat started to feel a bit much.

Once the herbal paste had cooled, it was taped to my back and I was advised to keep it there for the rest of the day. Unfortunately, some came loose and dropped off later in the day, which was fine as they had served their purpose, but I’m not sure what my colleagues at work thought when these strange herbs began to fall from my back. Another tip – check the tape is secure and try not to dislodge the herbs!

It’s important to know that Sanfu Moxa is not a cold cure. The following winter I did become a little “under the weather”, although without the heavy cold of a standard winter. I returned to the clinic for my follow-up complementary session of acupuncture which helped a lot.

The second year, I came back for the same three-course treatment – no blisters this time, and no random scatterings of herbs.  That winter I was entirely cold-free! It was fantastic to not get sick at all. Unfortunately, I did get a cold in the early part of the summer, but it wasn’t too serious.

So now I’m coming back for my third year in a row of treatment, which I’m looking forward to because apparently the results get better if you keep having it done on consecutive years. As I’ve already seen a dramatic reduction in my susceptibility to cold and flu bugs, I’m excited about how this year will go.

So, I would advise people to try this treatment and bear in mind what I have said of my experience of it.  Don’t think of it as a “cure all” for every bug going, but as a wonderful tool (in addition to a healthy lifestyle) to help strengthen the body and reduce the impact of colds and flu.  And plan to do it, not as a one-off, but every year to make the therapy more effective over time. 

Thanks, Ben, for sharing your experience! If you would like to try Sanfu Moxa this year, give us a call on 01273 698 687 to book your three treatments.