Natural beauty treatments

Step away from the botox! Looking more youthful can be achieved without surgery or fillers. Many of the benefits offered by these sorts of procedures are, thankfully, available through natural and holistic techniques. At Anahata, we offer several therapies and treatments that will allow you to realise your health and beauty goals – whether that be maintaining a youthful glow, raising your energy levels or simply feeling (and looking) more rejuvenated!

Facial Revitalisation Acupuncture (FRA)

Facial revitalisation acupuncture is a safe, natural and pain-free treatment combining acupuncture and facial massage. Why is the face so important? Chinese medicine understands health and disease to be reflected in one’s face. Various areas of the face correspond to particular organs and meridians. When the energy of a certain organ is out of balance, the corresponding facial area will tend to reflect this by revealing colour or facial lines.

Central to this approach is the concept that inner equilibrium is vital for outer equilibrium. Internal health can largely impact external appearance, so FRA is an organic method that lets your inner radiance shine, and takes years off you in a safe, natural and energetic way.

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Japanese Holistic Face Massage

This is more than a simple beauty treatment. Dating back centuries, this method of therapy involves facial cleanse, deep massage movements, acupressure and meridian tracing. Using ancient knowledge and techniques, this treatment brings you a wonderful sense of peace and harmony. Skin is brought back to its optimum state, leaving it feeling smooth and nourished.

How does it encourage rejuvenation? It improves the skin’s colour and texture, leaving it soft and supple. It also stimulates the muscles to release tension and encourages lymphatic flow, reducing puffiness. This is also a sustainable form of treatment, as certain methods or movements can be implemented into your own daily self-care routine!

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Natural Organic Facial

Facial treatments, when done right, have a huge impact on your ability to glow and exude your inner radiance. Our natural facials use 100% organic products for those looking for a kind way to care for their skin without irritation or interference with the skin’s natural function. Kind to all skin types, this is a natural beauty treatment that will definitely leave you feeling rejuvenated! The warm aromatherapy face compress, exfoliating mask and Ayurvedic face massage allow your skin to feel supple, blemish-free and detoxified.

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Anahata’s Zone Face Lift™

Age well naturally with our Zone Face Lift. This natural beauty treatment uniquely combines the healing effects of Facial Reflexology with the beautifying effects of Japanese Facelift Massage and specialist smoothing tools. By releasing layers of tension in the face, you will both feel and look rejuvenated. Techniques used are not only extremely effective but are also wonderfully nurturing and restorative to receive. Benefits include plumping and tightening skin and sculpting of the neckline, smoothing fine lines, a glow after just one treatment and clearer skin!

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