Yasmin Valli


Meet the Team

At Anahata, we pride ourselves on the wide variety of treatments we are able to offer through our highly experienced practitioners to look after your whole body and mind. We caught up with Yasmin Valli to talk about the variety of treatments she offers and help you learn a bit more about them.

What therapies do you provide at Anahata?

I offer reiki, ear acupuncture, indian head massage and Thai yoga massage.

What exactly is reiki and what does it do?

Reiki is a form of energy healing, which can benefit both physical and mental health issues as it works on an energetic level and based on the Indian chakra system. Reiki can work on whatever the client feels is an issue for them, either physical or emotional or both, as it works on the person as a whole.

The aspect of reiki that I find most fascinating is the concept of self-healing, and the need to take responsibility for your own healing. Reiki teaches us that there are different energy bodies around the physical body, and illness can sometimes start in one of these and then move to the physical body. Reiki can support the energy in the chakras to re-balance. Reiki is a meditative practice and it’s a shared experience between client and practitioner making it a very special experience between two people. It’s magic!

What is ear acupuncture used for?

Ear acupuncture is predominantly beneficial for detoxing the body, relieving pain, addiction, mental health issues (such as anxiety, panic attacks and depression), stopping smoking and balancing hormones.

I myself had a great experience of this treatment, which prompted me to become a practitioner. It’s renowned for its work on substance misuse and cravings, and is often used in rehab clinics. It’s a great grounding treatment – qi gong works well with it and my training involves many qi gong strategies that clients can do with the acupuncture and with a relaxing cup of detox tea.

What are the benefits of the different types of massage that you offer?

Indian head massage improves anxiety and stress levels, improves depression and low mood, reduces insomnia, relieves muscle aches and tension, improves joint mobility and movements, boosts concentration levels, increases hair growth, reduces eyestrain, tinnitus, jaw aches and sinusitis, and relieves cold symptoms.

Indian head massage is rooted in the chakra system and works on the top three chakras, so as well as offering a physical experience it also offers an energetic one. It also has a history in the ayurvedic tradition. I think it’s a really wonderful treatment with lots of variety in the massage techniques used, and it makes the recipient feel great.

Thai yoga massage is for the whole body, so revitalises every part of you. It is good for digestion, muscle aches and tension, pain relief, stretching the body, lower back pain, sciatica, knee pain, bloating and gives clients a different experience of their body. It can also improve flexibility and awareness of where tension starts and is in the body in general.

Thai yoga massage also has a background in the Ayurvedic tradition, and I like the fact that this treatment works on the whole body from feet to the head. It works on pain in the body using yogic stretching, massage and energy line work. The practitioner should keep their heart open to the recipient; Thai Yoga massage has roots in Buddhism. The massage supports the client to work on and be aware of tension they hold in the body and in general to improve flexibility in the body gradually.

Isn’t Thai massage painful?

Not when I do it! I like to use a moderate pressure and I can adapt to your needs, so please don’t be put off by previous Thai massage experiences.

All of the treatments I offer can be dynamic, with lots of stretching if the client requires but also treatments can be gentle just using mainly massage and energy line work with some gentle stretches. It’s really up to the client to explain their needs to the practitioner.

How should people decide which of your therapies to choose?

All of the treatments I offer are energy based, and I’d recommend all four for different reasons. If you like massage and touch therapy, then Indian head massage or Thai yoga are probably going to be your favourites.

If you prefer lying down whist having a treatment, then Thai yoga massage is best. If you wish to be stretched as well as massaged then Thai yoga massage is most suitable.

Reiki and ear acupuncture are very relaxing and both energy based. They are both very meditative, both help to balance the body. If addictions or mental health is a concern then ear acupuncture is best. If you are needle phobic, stick to reiki.

What can people expect when they come for a session with you?

I have a background in counselling, so my approach is person-centred to find out what led each person to coming for treatment in the first place. I work with clients in a non-judgemental, empathic and supportive way.

I have a professional attitude, and a respectful, non-invasive approach to treatments.  I know the boundaries of my role and would never invade a client’s personal space.  Reiki is very intuitive and I try to work in an intuitive way towards clients.

I work in local services in Brighton and I’m very knowledgeable on potential services that could be useful to a client dependent on their circumstances.

What do you do when you’re not working?

  • Swimming in the sea
  • Being outside and walking
  • Singing (but not great skills there!)
  • Cycling
  • Running
  • Reading
  • Socialising with friends
  • Music and gigs
  • Dancing
  • Reading interesting therapy books

To book an appointment with Yasmin for any of the above treatments, please call us on 01273 698687.