Venetia Harvey-Powell


Meet the Team

We’re excited at Anahata to welcome Venetia Harvey-Powell back to the clinic – our lovely osteopath and cranial osteopath has just returned from maternity leave and is now with us every Monday afternoon. Congratulations to Venetia and her family on the new arrival, and welcome back!

How does it feel to be back at work?

I’m loving being back at Anahata, I’m so lucky to do a job that I love and that fits around being a mother so well. I’ve always felt energised by my lovely patients and the creative problem-solving side of my work.

You are one of the busiest therapists we know – are you still working your usual hectic schedule?

Absolutely! Health and wellbeing is a huge passion in my life so I’m not about to slow down any time soon. I love the variety of patients and cases that I get to work with and the opportunity to help so many different people.

What are your specialities when it comes to osteopathy?

I love the way that structural and cranial osteopathy combine and complement each other to tackle such a wide range of problems.

I have a special interest in treating neck pain and headaches as it was something I suffered from for so many years before discovering osteopathy and being liberated from the pain!

Regularly I see patients with multiple complex chronic health issues and I find this group of brave people very inspiring to work with.  

What do you do when you’re not working?

I like getting back to nature and in tune with myself. I enjoy cycling, drawing, sewing, playing the violin and playing with my baby!

To book an osteopathy or cranial osteopathy appointment with Venetia, call 01273 698687.