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Meet the Team

The ancient methods of Chinese Medicine are a complex practice, which varies from individual to individual. We caught up with Patrizia Gaio to understand more about what it involves, what motivated her to become a practitioner, and how she uses different therapies to create healing experiences for her clients. 

Tell us about the therapies you offer at Anahata, and what the benefits are.

I offer different forms of acupuncture: full body, ear and Tuina. I have been practicing this therapy for 2 years. Among the most common benefits, I would say that relaxation, harmonisation, balance and homeostasis provide a great support to the inner organs and promote a better flow of Qi and Blood throughout the whole body. They also help to ground the mind and enhance vitality.

What first interested you about this practice or motivated you to become a practitioner?

I approached Chinese Medicine along with my personal Qigong practice, about fifteen years ago. When I started teaching Qigong to help others attune their mind to the body, I could observe the great impact on their health and wellbeing. This made me want to know more about the philosophy and medical principles behind such incredible knowledge, and qualifying as a Chinese Medicine practitioner provided me with new tools too, such as Acupuncture, Tuina, Moxibustion and Cupping. My therapeutic approach is now quite holistic as I use different aspects of Chinese Medicine, including diet, exercise and health coaching (Yang Sheng), to help people establish a healthier and more contented life.   

Why would you recommend people have this therapy?

These therapies are very calming and balancing, they bring the mind back into the body in a mindful way. This is the beginning for restoring health and wellbeing, but it can also initiate a personal journey within the physical and emotional patterns, the beliefs and the habits we identify with. It can be a deep process to unravel the unhealthy and unconscious patterns that control our life and dictate our health conditions. I find these therapies very liberating, grounding and empowering!

What can people expect when they come for a session with you?

During the first session I take time to know the client, investigating the many aspects of their situation. This can involve lots of complex elements, therefore the enquiry is a process that keeps evolving and gets deeper at every further session. At the first meeting I gather as much information as possible to understand the client’s complaint and how I intend to help. At each follow up, I verify the results produced and see what I need to adjust based on the client’s response and the conditions that have been taking place. No treatment is the same and no protocol can be applied without taking into consideration what each single client brings into the treatment room. I welcome each person and their own story in a respectful and safe environment.

How quickly can people expect to see results?

In Chinese Medicine no treatment is right for everyone and even on the same person the results vary from time to time. The healing is a process that keeps evolving, the progression is not always linear, and each time the therapist has to adjust to the conditions presented and the client’s response. Each treatment is spontaneous, based on observations and diagnostic results, therefore it is important that the client feels at ease with the therapist in order to trust their work and give it time to unfold. These therapies need time and dedication and they work much better when the client engages with the process and takes an active role in it.

What do you do when you’re not working?

I come from a creative background, my first degree was in Architecture and I have been passionate about art throughout my whole life. I am a textile artist, so I explore multimedia applications of basic embroidery techniques as a meditative process based on repetition and creative focus. 

I dedicate time on a daily basis to my own Qigong practice and I regularly train within the school I study with. 

I am a single mum and, when my teenage daughter is up to it, I love spending time with her, chilling out, watching a film or visiting new places.

What are your plans for the future?

I am pretty new to Brighton, so I am taking small steps at a time, but I am quite excited by the general atmosphere and would love to expand my offer to Community Ear Acupuncture for group sessions aimed at relaxation and detox, following the NADA protocol.

I am very excited to be in Brighton. I hope I will be able to establish interesting connections, meet lovely people and make something nice of myself.

You can book an appointment with Patrizia online, or call 01273 698687 for more information.