Maya Zack


Meet the Team

We caught up with Maya Zack, our Hypnotherapy and Sedona Method practitioner. We talk about Maya’s interests and what her therapies involve, as well as how they can help you in a multitude of ways.

Tell us about the therapies you offer at Anahata. 

I provide Hypnotherapy and the Sedona Method, which are both methods of Deep Life Change Therapy that I have been practising since 2007. I am also a business mindset/peak performance and confidence coach. 

What are the benefits of your therapy?

Hypnosis: creating change in thinking & feeling patterns on the deepest, subconscious level. Regardless of what your goal is, hypnosis is a tool that in itself promotes relaxation and self-regulation. Achieving your specific aims is quicker than with most therapies.  

Sedona Method: letting go of any past baggage, limitations and mind-stories in a practical and completely effortless way. Release uncomfortable emotions, beliefs, attachments and anything else you’ve been holding onto that’s holding you back from being or doing anything you want. This tool is easy to DIY and there’s no need to go into past stories in order to become free of them. 

“Side effects” of this tool are more peace of mind, taking more charge of your mind, increased self-awareness, clarity, calm, more joy, being more in the present moment and general wellbeing. 

What first interested you about this practice or motivated you to become a practitioner?

Self-hypnosis changed my life in my 20’s and I always had an interest in how the mind works and how we can become powerful creators and directors of our lives through taking charge of our minds and attention. 

Just after qualifying as a hypnotherapist, I discovered the Sedona Method which I deeply resonated with as it’s based on the idea that you are completely free and unlimited, other than by holding onto stories – and it gives you a practical tool, not just an understanding, to let go of these stories. 

Why would you recommend people have this therapy? 

Both of these therapies bring about change more quickly and easily than most tools because they work on a subconscious level. 

They also don’t require you to go back into the past and figure out where things come from or why; they are focused on the present and on your ability to reprogramme yourself at any given moment, no matter what your past was. This is one of the reasons why these therapies are more quickly effective at creating real change.

They are also empowering as you can use them on your own. And while self-hypnosis requires practice to get the most out of it (similarly to meditation), the Sedona Method is so ridiculously easy, whatever we would do in a session you would be able to simply take and use or apply it to any area of your life, and it just works.

What can people expect when they come for a session with you?

In a hypnotherapy session, we will first discuss your goals and your challenges. I will answer any questions you might have around hypnosis before starting the process. I’ll be able to tell you how many sessions I estimate you will need. Time allowing I will also teach you the basics of self-hypnosis so that you can use this yourself. The first session is focused on clarifying your goals and giving you a hypnotic experience to set you up with a positive mindset towards change and the following sessions. The next sessions will be focused more on the change itself we’re aiming for.  

The Sedona Method is slightly different. We will discuss your goals and you’ll be able to share a brief ‘story’ with me of where you’re at. In the first session, I will introduce the basic process and, depending on time and on your specific aims, I will demonstrate other additional processes (such as a process for de-programming limiting beliefs). In the following sessions, I will take your feedback and we will do more work, using the most relevant Sedona process to achieve what you want in the fastest way.

What are your hobbies and interests outside of your role as a therapist?

Creative stuff – writing, painting, design, dancing. I also love travelling.  

Are there any special events/offers/classes/etc you are currently offering?

I offer a special 6-week life-changing Sedona programme. I also offer 8-week life and business-changing mindset coaching programmes for aspiring business owners or those already running their own business. 

Are there any common misconceptions about your practice?

Contrary to a wide-held belief, hypnotherapy is not about you ‘losing control’– but the exact opposite – this empowers you to have more control over your mind and make you more in charge. 

Many have an intellectual understanding of the idea of your ‘unlimited nature’ and “the power of now”, but no practical way of actually experiencing this. The Sedona Method will give you exactly that, in a most ridiculously simple way. 

Is there anything else you’d like to tell us about?

My work has been featured in a number of publications (such as The Authority Magazine, Thrive Global, Billion Success, The Metro and more) and I’ve just been listed on Brainz Global 500 list for 2021 in recognition of my work. 

Maya Zack is one of the few Sedona Method practitioners in the UK, holding one-to-one or small group sessions, which can be booked individually or as special programmes. She also regularly offers free introductory talks about the method as well as other special events.

To book a Hypnotherapy or Sedona Method appointment with Maya, you can book your appointment here. Or call us on 01273 698687 to find out more about how Maya may be able to help you.